Sunday, November 10, 2013

Working on UFO's today.

I was cleaning up a little (not really after what I found). I found this issue of the Old-Fashioned Patchwork quilt magazine that I have a quilt in. I used to write articles for Quilt magazine. Two of them were published and two of them were sent back to me because they were getting rid of the magazines. 

My double wedding ring that was done in the early 1980's was sent to to the magazine for photos. I was surprised a few times as to how many times my quilt has been published by the distributors. 

This issue had it on the front cover and talk about being surprised when I went to the store to see it right there! That poor quilt has seen it's day, but at least it was shown in it's "hay day." - Memories, owww.

This is the photo of the baby afghan I started and will try to finish before too long. I may try and finish it this week. It's going so fast that it's fun to see it coming along - this is actually half of the afghan. 

Last night after writing on the blog, I appliqued the bird heads on the Chickadee's. I also put the branch on that was missing. Today I basted down the beaks of the birds and will put that on. Once that is done, this "project" is done. I can actually say I finished something from retreat! I'm not sure what I will do with it, but that will have to wait for another "bored" day. I may end up looking for all my "sample" blocks that I've done at retreats and make a quilt out of all them them - yea, right!

Last night I also worked on this block - one of the Baltimore Liberty blocks. Today I basted the leaves on that need to be put on. That will be my next step and then I can do two more star flowers and the center flower. Again, not too thrilled with the star flowers, but that's okay, no worries. 

This is were I was with the Baltimore Liberty block that has the firecrackers. I needed to get moving on finishing this one as well. So, again today, I basted more pieces on the block so I'm ready to work on getting the applique moving. 

Now you can see how much basting I did. This SHOULD get me to the point of doing the center flower, and then it will be done. 

While I was checking out my blocks, I also found this pattern. It's the one I sent a drawing to Bunny Leighton to do the design for me. She did an awesome job - and yes this is copyrighted by me. If you want the pattern, let me know and you can send me $5. (Which will be donated to TAS)  I'm thinking of asking my mother to do the block for me, so we have a block to show. 

Since I promised myself, I could not start another project unless I finished two. Well, that didn't happen very long, when at retreat, two more projects were put in my lap. At the time of the retreat, I had finished two projects, so starting two projects didn't work right! Now, I'm back on track, since I've finished one of the two projects from retreat (almost anyway). 

Now that I said that - guess what I pulled off my stack of Unfinished Objects! (actually Projects!)

This is the blocks I worked on by hand. It's the Enigma Star pattern. I started this as a round robin block. Friends would send me the fabric (solids) for the stars, and I would do the rest. We did this for about 3 years. Every time a round robin arrived at my house, I had a week to go through my fabrics, and send them the fabrics they were looking for to do a quilt. Some of the patterns were Sunbonnet Sue, Log Cabin, and just about every popular pattern at that time. 

As you can see, I am missing two blocks. So, I went digging in my stuff and found more fabric - 

And I picked two more colors to work on. As you can see, I probably have enough to do another quilt, but I'm not even going there right now. I put the blocks on the floor, and my son walked in the door. We played with putting the fabrics in the color wheel direction. The more I looked at the blocks the more I felt is wasn't quiet big enough. So, then I decided to try for "on point."

I think I will go to the "on point" part of this quilt. 

Having a solid block square between them looks a lot better. Maybe we can figure a way of doing the color wheel idea again, but starting at the corner and working down. 

So, as you can see, I just showed you 4 projects that I'm in the middle of. If all goes well, I can get them done, and move on to the next step.

My wall of Shame! You can say, I wasn't too bright in thinking I could do two blocks at once. 

And if you look closer - you'll see a couple blocks that don't go with the "sampler" quilts - those are from the same gal that did the Baltimore Halloween, Baltimore Liberty, etc. You'll also see a pattern by Jeannie Austin that I want to do. Fabric is cut and the block hasn't been touched - ALL BECAUSE I TOLD MYSELF - "FINISH 2 PROJECTS BEFORE YOU START ANOTHER ONE!"

So, today I got a little closer to getting a few things done, but now it's time to get moving. If I finish the Chickadees - that won't count toward the two for one deal I gave myself! ugh. 

Now that you've seen what my day has been like, I hope you are enjoying the weekend and getting more done than I am....

My we all be Happy Quilting!

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