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Keeping Busy

Things are good! I'm actually getting a few things done. I'm about a week behind in posting but here's what I've been up to.

I got this much done on my quilt last week. I actually got started on all the echoing and I'm having fun!  The more I go around, the more excited I get about getting this done.

I also got my son to help me with the funky chicken pattern. He designed the cook apron, spachila (sp) and some of the colors. I was surprised at how much fun it was getting going on it. I kept putting it off. Once I got started, I was able to finish it last night. (no photo but will try and post it next time).

Miss Charlie was letting me know she wanted me to sit down so she could join me. You can see a little bit of the funky chicken on the quilt.

So, last night and most of the nights, I was able to sit and quilt some more. I'm happy with how it's turning out.

I need to give a bigger spread between rows. I'm having fun though! Guess you can tell, I do lov…

Good Year so far!

This is getting to be a good year so far! I'm happy to say a few things are getting done!

I took the fabric out of the box and put a square together for my friends quilt. I just need to do 2 more and then I can put the quilt top together. I took out the pieces to see what I had done and how much is needed to finish up the last two blocks.

I then went through my fabrics to pick out colors that will work for the Funky Chicken pattern I need t do. This quilt block is for one of our group ladies. She asked for the Funky Chicken block from all of us. I had my son work on a "cook" for my funky chicken. He did the pattern for me, and I'm ready to go. Just need to get started. The spatula is done in 2 colors, so picked out the above and will applique the first spatula on to the second one first, then cut it out and applique it to the bird.

Went over to my parents house on Wednesday, as mom had some fabrics she ironed. They were the fabrics that we got at the Tacoma quilt sho…

Happy New Year!

Wow, where has the time gone?! I'm sitting here thinking I need to write in my post, and realized I haven't been on it since around Christmas time. At yet it's the 11th of January already.

Just around Christmas time, I was able to get some quilting done on the quilt.  And of course it had to snow just before we leave on the plane at Portland, OR.

As I was pulling out the quilt, knowing I hadn't worked on it since Thanksgiving, I found I had one more center point that needed to be done. I went and quilted in the center with white quilting thread. The purple quilting thread was not touched while I completed this area.

As time came around for us to leave for Las Vegas, I decided I would take something easy to work on. I wasn't sure how much work I would be able to get done, so I took along three blocks and some fabric. On the flight I played games with my DS.

Now you have to hear this, as it's now become a family joke. My dear sweet brother, who is 4 years my juni…