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There is Inspiration out there!

I've been keeping things busy this week. When I have quilting days back to back, it makes things busier than I would like. Or so I thought.

I'm sitting here on the deck, after being at quilting, giving Charlie a hard time with my photo taking! lol She ignoring me of course.

I was lucky to get those looks out of her, she'd rather give me her backside.

I'm thinking about where today went, and it didn't really go very far. I took my camera on my daily walk again today. Couldn't help it with the sun out so bright. We talked about the tree we pass daily, that looks like an elephant or a bear - you decide.

Amazing how nature draws it's own picture. We enjoy talking about what it looks like today.

Even the flowers are beautiful this time a year. I'm admiring my husbands yard work as I sit here typing my blog and getting ready to do the group blog. It's just way too nce to be in the house today.

Our quilt group had about 10 people today, encluding my mother…

Getting There

This week has been a pretty good week for me. I'm happy to say, I'm getting a lot done.

A neighbor and I, walk her dog every morning. I enjoy the fresh air around 6-7 am every morning and we get to know each other and catch up on what is going on in each other's lifes. It's a blessing to have someone to talk to that isn't your family member.

So, this week I decided to take my camera along as the weather was nice and it was fun to see what all came around. This is "Willie" my neighbor's dog - he HATES cats. This cat, loves DOGS. So, everytime we go out, this cat comes up to say hi to Willie.

This is the only cat, Willie will have anything to do with. She gave Willie a lot of attention that day. The next day we walked, we didn't take Willie because of his athritis and it was raining. (Willie's smart - he doesn't walk in the ran - my neighbor does though). When we came to the area where this cat lives, she ran out, looked at the two of us, an…

Here we go again.....

The weekend went great. Had a visit with part of my family. Amazing how time flies.

Took the usual walk with my neighbor, Ruth and her dog, Willie. As you can see,he wasn't game for getting his photo taken. No matter how I moved, he did too.

I've had to put my quilt aside for awhile and get started on doing the afghan for Abby. She graduates in June and I wanted to make sure I gave myself plenty of time to work on it.The nice thing about afghans is that they seems to go faster and at times are more fun. (or so I think, till I'm ready to do something else.)

I found this pattern on and it is pretty easy, except you can't make mistakes and think no one will notice. I had to take out the first black row about 2 x's before I realized it was in the row before it.

It's different, but at the same time, it's in Abby's colors.
I tok my camera along this morning to take a few pictures. I actually wanted to get the dog across the way crossing the street …

Love my quilt group!

Today started out pretty good over all. I walked the 2 1/2 miles that I do every morning. Afterwards played cribbage with a neighbor.

Then the brain kicked in and reminded me of quilting! I was running a little late, but oh, well. I made it to our group meeting around 11 am. I had to stop and get a Veggie Delight at Subway...and ended up waiting to eat it, but when I did - it was worth it. My son got me hooked on those, plus I brought part of it back for him.

This is one of the blocks that one of our group memebers made for Janet's friendship quilt. I have mine about 1/2 done. I'm still getting there.

I then worked on our groups blog. Check it out!

I even got my block done for JoAnn and gave it to her today. Another one arrived today as well.

Mine is the one on top.

Now I am looking forward to be Happy Quilting....tonight....

Finished Another Block

Yesterday I was in the mood to cook or bake, depending on how you look at it. I have those days where I just want to bake or cook all day long. I liked the pretzels I made before I left for Seabeck, and decided I would do them again. I set my bread machine to work on the dough while I worked on dessert for the family. I made a Winter Wonder Log. Sorry, didn't get a photo quick enough for that dessert. Spent the afternoon working on cooking supper as well as pretzels and dessert. I made about eight pretzels. 

In the morning, I went to the neighbors and played cribbage, winning two out of three games. Came back home and worked on my friendship block that I had started before I left for Seabeck. I had only been able to get part of the white center done, before I went back to working on getting my quilt done. I got quiet a bit done during the day, then last night worked on it while watching Dancing with the Stars. I orginially had an off white (white on muslin) piece for the center. …

After the Retreat

This weekend  has been fun. We went to the casino, movie and then I was home quilting. That's what I like.

After thinking about what I wrote yesterday, I realized I put the wrong name on our teacher from Canada. Judith Peckham. It was not Joan but Judity. Both women are teachers and both are wonderful to be around. Judith designed our Chickadee pattern that we did at the retreat. I did not get very far, but I did work on it up there as well as at home. 

This was as far as I got, as of today. I decided to change the colors of te birds, and do them in orange and yellow. I hope they work out. (smiling) I'm excited about getting it done, so will be working on it this week. I also want to work on the Mystery quilt that Nancy did.

This was my block. I fell in love with the patterns. I have two kits to do. lol 
I worked on my quilting last night. It's slowly coming along. I really am excited about getting this done. I really need to get started on the afghan for Abbie as well. Th…

Back from Retreat - The Applique Society's Retreat at Seabeck, WA

Since I didn't take my laptop with me, not knowing if they had WiFi, I decided I would give you a day to day "enjoyment" of the Retreat at Seabeck. I even took more photos then I needed but I do love to take pictures.

April 1, 2013 - Woke early to take a shower and get moving. Had everything packed the day before. Then when I was getting the suit cases together, realized I needed to take a bigger suit case to fit everything in one instead of carrying 4 different bags. Oh, well. Had my clothes in a small suit case, brought my quilt in a duffel (sp) bag, my supplies in the black carrying case, and last was my camera case. Patrick dropped me off at Ethel's apartment at 7:10 am. I was surprised to find Ann and Beverly already there. We then waited on mom to come with the van. She arrived between 7:30-7:45 am. We all loaded up and mom gave me the keys to drive.

We arrived at Seabeck around 10 am. We were one of the first groups to arrive. Bev wanted to stop in Silverton be…