Thursday, February 18, 2016


Today started out pretty good. I enjoyed the morning to myself. I was on the computer at lunch time when Patrick showed up. Poor guy, he's sick. Think he finally decided he better come home and sleep. Tried to talk him into stay home to get some rest, but since he's a guy, that wasn't going to happen.

While he slept on the couch, I went downstairs and quilted!

I actually took a photo of the quilt before I rolled it and figured out I had the "chip" missing in my camera. So, I tip-toed upstairs to get the chip. This is after I rolled the quilt. It's getting so much closer to passing the center.

I worked on the butterfly and got some more "lines" going around the circles. I have this side all ready to roll, but need to finish up the right side.

I did get more of this area done. I've been working on the green area on the outside. It's going pretty good.

Then I worked on the cross hatching area. I also worked on the squares in the border. This is ready for rolling.

I went back to work on the green area again. I will try and roll it again tomorrow. Depends on what time I get back. I did tell Patrick I would love to quilt this weekend if we don't have too much going on. I'm really getting excited about getting past this area.

I am still working on the cross stitch at night. It's coming along. I should be getting to the half way point here pretty soon. I'm still checking things off my list of projects. Just wish I was in the mood to do more. Today I quilted for about 3 1/2 hours and the last half hour I was down there, I just sat and watched the end of the movie. I guess I just got tired of quilting...hard to believe. I'll work on cross stitch tonight and it will be fine.

Tomorrow is quilting at moms. Mom and dad are taking my sister-in-law to the airport, so I'm going to host the group. I'm taking my eagle and Baltimore Liberty block along so I can work on them. Then on the way home, I want to go to the quilt shop here in town for white quilting thread.

All's good, and I'm have a great day....Happy Quilting!

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