Friday, February 5, 2016

A Good Day of Applique!

Today I was up, goofing off before I realized I needed to get moving! I finally got moving. Went to the store to get some stuff for lunch with the gals. Then I went to Staples to pick up some pencil fillers for my mechanical pencil.

From Staples I went to moms to be with the gals. Only 6 of us today. We did find out Edith's husband is in the hospital in a coma. I seem to keep repeating myself this year with "in a coma." Two of the others were sick. So we had a good time with the ones that did come. Bev got 3 of her blocks back for her friendship quilt. I turned mine in. The green is darker than the others. They are looking pretty good. I can't wait to see what Bev does with her blocks.

I worked on the wings. I did finish the left wing last night. I started working on the right wing today and was happy to finish it. It started to shift, but I was able to get to it before it ended up being taken out. I re-basted the area that was shifting and that worked out great. The back and front don't line up exact, but with back basting it really doesn't matter. I was off an inch in some areas, but it really doesn't matter, because the wings are wings and it doesn't have to be perfect. I can get the body on once I finish up the bottom wings.

This was taken off my table, so one can see how big it is.

After moms, I headed to the quilt shop. I wanted to pick up some half triangle paper. I've got some ideas for the QOV quilts. I want to try and get another one done soon. This will help on my seams. lol

Got home and visited with Phil. Then went downstairs and cut some batting for the bowls I want to make that are smaller than the one I made last week. I took this fabric out....not real thrilled with the colors together. I may change that one yet.

This is the other set I decided to have together. I have Japanese dolls, bowls and stuff around the house, so this will match without a problem. I think this will be a good set. I want to have another one just as pretty, but will keep looking. Not sure about the first set and chances are tomorrow I will change my mind..I do that!

No plans for tomorrow....that's a good thing. I might actually get some stuff done....or not. Don't want to keep my hopes up. I did cut some 4 1/2" batting squares. I'm ready to sew some of the coasters and 2 sets of the bowls. Now I need to cut 8 move pieces of fabric for the fabric catchers. I may just get them done this week! Then I can get back to thinking about my stuff and not what I have to do for others. At least....I keep thinking that...

I'm enjoying the direction I'm heading lately...I'm still working on this...Happy Quilting!

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