Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Great Day With Friends

Today I was up and ready to go early. We walked early so Ruth could go to her meeting. Funny part was, I was ready early and she wasn't there to walk. Walked down and got her.

Before heading out to our group meeting, I basted down the flag piece, just in case I worked on it at the meeting.

I also finished up the basting on this quilt top. I worked on it before I left and when I got to the meeting. Once I had it done, I was ready to applique it. I was trying to decide what I wanted to work on, the eagle or the "'Cat Nap" quilt. Since I already had the "Cat Nap" out, decided I would just go ahead and work on it. We had a great laugh today at the meeting. It felt good to laugh with friends!

I was able to get this much done while at the meeting. One can see the paw and the ear. I do like the contrast on this quilt. It works good. I'm so glad I waited before working on it with that other color I had at first. I was thrilled at how much I did get done.

I came home around 3 pm. I had to stop off at the store and pick up some food for tonight. I got the grill going....

since it was a nice day. Then it died on me! So, I worked at it. We had good food.

I also walked around the back yard to see what all was growing.

Not sure what this is, since I can't tell one flower from another. This is purple if I remember right.

Tulips are coming up! Can't wait to see what we have out there since Patrick planted more last year.

Was enjoying the trees in the yard as well. lol

Roses are starting up! Can't wait to see what we get.

I worked on Mturk as well. That does take time and I do enjoy doing it. It's a small way to earn money. Not that I'm worried about that.

Tonight I will try and get some more done on the Cat Nap OR I may try and get more of the eagle done so I can go see Jeannie with some progress tomorrow! Eagle it may just be! I haven't showed Patrick the cat quilt yet. He likes seeing me cut the fabric away.

I'm looking forward to checking out the quilt show tomorrow. I know it will be awesome! This quilt show has over 200 quilts and the best part is 80% of the quilts are all hand quilted. I just love seeing hand quilted quilts.

We have set up March for my classes. I will be teach a night class and a day class for the 2 Fabric Applique. This class I'm letting everyone bring their own patterns and their own fabrics. If anyone is interested - contact Rita at Whalen Quilt Works, Centrallia. WA. I'm looking forward to it! It will be FUN! Come join me!

I still haven't made it downstairs to quilt. I'm hoping to get down there again this weekend. I really need to get past the center and get my rear in gear and finish it up! OH! In reading my great grandmother's diary I found a mention of finishing up a quilt! She finished the quilt one day, and finished the binding on the quilt the next day! I just wish she told me what quilt she made! I would have made one in her honor....oh, well.

Happy Quilting!

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