Friday, February 26, 2016

A Visit With Jeannie Austin!

Today I was up and walking with Ruth. We got in 2 miles. I'm getting better at getting more steps in.

I went over to the quilt show at the Christian School in Centralia. Had a great time and visited with Jeannie Austin. Showed her what I was doing on the eagle block. She loves the colors I used for the wings.

I'm working on the post, then I can get the body of the eagle done. I'm hoping to have it done here pretty soon so Donna can get a quilt put together with all those stars.

This is the latest quilt mom finished. It looks prettier up close. It turned out great.

This is Jeannie Austin's quilt - both of them actually.

I love the eagle in the middle and am planning on doing that in one of my quilts.

While we were at the quilt show, Donna found this book of 1911-15 newspaper patterns. The ones on the top where applique. It cost me $30 but got mom to go in with me on it. I went through the patterns when I got home! The best part is most of them are embroidery patterns that I can use in my Brazilian embroidery! This is going to be fun!

One of the other quilters was telling me her Aunt saved a lot of these and she has those. She said she will gladly give them to me. I told her I'm a history buff. I love to see what they did years ago. This is going to be fun! I can think of a ton of designs to make! This will get me to do designing yet!

Tonight is going to be working on the eagle. Unless I change my mind and work on the Cat Nap. I do need to get that done as well. Asked Patrick if he has plans for the weekend. So far, no, but I do think we will be going to the movies. I do want to get back down there and quilt again this weekend.

Time will tell...time sure does go fast....I have tons of things I want to do...I'm getting there SLOWLY.

I was checking on the classes and stuff at "Seminar" for Brazilian embroidery and it's going to cost me about $700. UGH BUT I think it will be worth it. We'll talk about it on Monday at our meeting. I am taking a couple afternoon or morning off, to work on what I'm learning. I need to SAVE my money so I can have some extra to buy stuff

Okay, it's time to get my exercises in for the day. Excited about getting back to Happy Quilting!

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