Sunday, February 28, 2016

An Awesome Weekend of Quilting!

This morning I was up and playing - my usual thing on the weekends. Enjoyed the peace and quiet while Patrick slept! (smiling)

In the afternoon, I heated up the fireplace downstairs. John Wayne's movie "The Quiet Man" was on and I love that movie! Put it on downstairs and Patrick joined me while I quilted.

First things first. I had to roll the quilt! I was so thrilled to be able to roll this. I took off the "claps" at the ends and took a photo before I rolled it.

I worked on the left side and quilted this area. Once can see the center on the right to see how much I rolled it. Still not done with the center - BUT I'M CLOSE!! I'm getting excited about all this!

I was finishing up the small square area. I also worked on the green area on the left. I started on the green area on the top left. It's coming along great. I should be able to get that done tomorrow and then I can finally claim to have the center done. I was looking at the rolls and I'm close to the bottom! There was about 1 1/2 rolls on the back bars. That means I'm really close to getting this quilt done! After 4 years on this frame it will be great to finally get it done. I worked on the butterflies in the upper photo. I found it didn't take too much thinking to decide on the patterns for those. It was a lot easier than I thought thinking of a design for the next butterfly.

I worked on the 2 fabric applique a little last night. I really didn't do much on there, so didn't take a photo of it.

I found myself trying to figure out why my photos where coming out on the yellow when I was taking photos downstairs. It was driving me crazy, so I pulled out my filters. THEN I realized I took off the filter that works for downstairs. I put the filter back on. I have two filters on it right now. Drove me nuts, because I thought I had the filter on it, but they were coming in yellow! Guess I need to pay more attention to what I'm doing with my camera!

Bowling tonight was a little better. I got a 507 series, not the best but I was consistent tonight. I missed some easy spares but I was doing better on my bowling. I'll keep working on it and hopefully get back to those 200 games. We won all 4 games tonight.

I was reading Karen's post at the bowling alley tonight and couldn't believe what I read! She will be away from blogging and sewing for a while because of her eye! I wish her all the best and hope her eye heals quickly!

I was checking out TAS' facebook page and one of the gals is doing the "Love Letters" quilt. I just love that quilt! She's doing awesome and now I think I'm going to add that to my "wish list." Yep! Another thing to add to my wish list! UGH.....oh, well....Happy Quilting!

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