Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Another Busy Day...Another Day of Projects.

Today I was up earlier with Patrick. I had to go to my ex-neighbors to pick him up and go off to his eye appointment in Olympia. We were early. They were great, they took him in early as well. We were not gone long. We were back by 11 am. While in the waiting room, I was able to get the bottom feathers done some more. I redid the part I started the other day.

I came home and worked on some more surveys. As well as worked on laundry. I finished the feathers. I decided I needed to baste more to the block so I could keep going.

I basted the arrows down. I want to add the flag on next. I was going to add the bar next but realized I need to put other pieces down like the arrows and the flag. I'll work on those. I can't wait to add the body of the eagle. That will be close to the last pieces added because there are move things underneath that need to be done first.

While I was downstairs working on the basting of the arrow, I remembered I had the pot warmers to work on, so I pulled out my thread and started sewing.

I had three of them done before Patrick got home. We had to leave early for bowling tonight. I put i an hour of working on these. I need to get more thread, as I pretty much ran out of the color I was using on this project. May have to use a brown next if I can't get the thread tomorrow at the shop.

Tomorrow is our quilt group. I haven't been the last two times and need to go. My brother called to say he was going to be in Vancouver tomorrow. I won't be able to see him - for the second time in two weeks. His mother-in-law has cancer and they gave her 2 months. Sounds like she may be going sooner than that. My sister-in-law arrived today to be with her mother. They will drive down tomorrow to see my brother.

Last night I was able to get a lot done on the cross stitch. I had to redo some green since I used the wrong color in a couple areas.

This is going along pretty good. I guess I got a little too close for the picture. lol

I need to finish up the bee, then I can roll it to get more done. It will be interesting to see if I can get this done in the next couple months.

I've been itching to get back to the quilt downstairs!! I wanted to get back to it today, but time didn't allow. I will see if I have the time tomorrow to work on it. I really want to get that quilt done now that I've been getting the center done! I have to get the border done after I take it off the frame. I really do want to get moving on this now! Never fails, life gets too busy and then I can't get down there. I have bowling all day on Sunday. Good news is I have most of the week next week to work on it! Hoping....hoping...hoping......Happy Quilting!!

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