Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Another Day...Another Appointment....

Today started out slow. I did get the bean soup going. I worked on my Mturk pages again. I'm spending more time working on those. I have a few things on Amazon I want to get, so I might as well work for them.

I worked on the budget. I worked on paying bills for our system. Balanced both check books. Everything looks great.

Next was off to my doctors appointment. Because I'm "high" on the list for Heat Attack, I have to see a Cardiologist. I haven't been able to take pills because I get migraines from medications. We decided to try and put me on Crestor again. I get to do it 3 x's a week instead of every day. Hopefully this will work! lol

Got home, baked corn bread to go with the bean soup. It actually came out better than I ever expected.

Now I sit here, wondering what I'm going to work on tonight. I need to think about what I want to do. Chances are it will be the cross stitch since it is here. I did get to work on the bottom feather of the eagle last night - I took out part of it and put it back in. Looks a lot better.

Since this is sitting here by my chair, I will get to work on it.

I was hoping to be able to get some quilting in today but it didn't work out. I'll see what I can do tomorrow - after I get back from taking the neighbor to his appointment in the morning.

Looking forward to being Happy Quiltling!!

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