Thursday, February 4, 2016

Cleaning AND Meeting Day!

Today started out faster than usual. I didn't get to play much because I needed to get the house cleaned up. I started out with making Scotch-a-roos for Patrick and the meeting members. Once that was done, I went to the vacuum cleaner and pulled it out. Vacuumed the house and the landing. Didn't want to get embarrassed over a dirty floor! I put my cross stitch and other stuff away so it wasn't around the house. THEN I took Ruths stuff down to her. I got in a walk while I did that - can't complain!

I called mom and told her to come over early for lunch. She arrived about an hour and a half before the others. We had a good lunch and chatted. Haven't had that change to chat with mom in awhile. It was good. We waited on the others. Ann arrived first and we talked about TAS. 5 members showed up for the Annual Meeting of TAS committee. We have everything ready for the meeting in May. After everyone left, I made the Registration form and sent the information off to be published so we can start getting registrations.

After everyone left and I finished the forms, I sat down for a couple minutes and worked on the wing. I'm very close to having one wing done. I'm looking forward to getting it done. I've got quilting tomorrow at moms so I'm hoping to get the other wing done then. I'm actually excited about doing this.

Days like today keep me busy. I don't mind it once in awhile, but it reminds me of work. I didn't have the breathing time I wanted. But hey! that's life. I'm okay with that because we got a lot done. I actually kept going and I'm still getting a few minutes in on my projects. Reminds me too much of when I was working - lol.

Now it's time to get back to my crafts! I wanted to quilt downstairs today, but time didn't allow it. I will be appliqueing tomorrow and that will keep me happy! I need to find a day to go downstairs and work on my warmers, coasters, and fabric catchers. LOL - I'll get there! Happy Quilting!!

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