Friday, February 12, 2016

Finally....A Day At Home Again

Today I was up to my daughter calling. It was so good to hear from her! She was thinking of coming over for the weekend, but that doesn't seem to be happening. I've missed her. Maybe next time.

I worked on my Amazon stuff and then went downstairs. I spent the afternoon working on the hot/cold pad.

I took out the one set and worked on it.

They turned out great. The bottom color is green. They turned out pretty good and Patrick liked the color.

While I was down there I was getting tired of the stack of 9 patches on the table. So, I stacked them up and put them in the box that has strips that need to be worked on. I got the one I finished and put them in the box as well. That way, I could put the table down and have more room for quilting. I really wanted to quilt, but also wanted to finish stuff I started. I have one more set to finish up and then I can get back to quilting on the quilt. I'm itching to get back to that quilt - I can't wait to get moving on finishing that up.

I've been working on the cross stitch as well at night. I'm slowly getting one thing done and moving on...or so I can keep telling myself

I've been reading the "Runaway Quilt" and loving it. I am really enjoying the book! I'll post the author when I'm done.

I found Sentimental Stitches is giving a pattern for the 1857 Album Quilt each month. I have been saving them and I'm thinking I might even do them. Trouble is....I've got plenty of stuff to do! I don't need to another project....or do I.....nope, I don't....maybe. Okay at least I have the patterns.

Not sure what we will be doing for the weekend. I didn't get Patrick anything, so I'm in the dog house! I'll have to figure something out. UGH!!

In the meantime...still Happy Quilting!

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