Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Getting Several Things Done!

Today was a good day to start. My mind as wondering on all the things I could do today. I had a lot on my mind. I played my games for a short time - yep! a short time!

Then I went downstairs to quilt. I had a great time quilting. I was relaxed and into quilting. The center part was not as easy to quilt, but it was a LOT better than it has been.

 The flower was easier to do in center then it had been. Then again I decided to leave an area un-quilted because of the difficulty of quilting. It actually doesn't look bad, and it is being quilting "simply."

As one can tell, I'm loaded for quilting in that area. I have my thimble for my finger, another for my thumb to help push, and the tool that helps pull the needle through.

I was doing so well! I was able to roll the now I can see the bottom of the center piece. I'm looking forward to getting past the centerpiece so I can "kick butt" and quilt the rest of the quilt without problems.

I was able to get quiet  bit done on this area.

This is what the bottom of the quilt will look like. There are more butterflies and more circles. It goes fast with quilting. No seams to worry about. Since this is a "gift" quilt, the workmanship is acceptable. I appreciate everyone that made a block for this and I appreciate the person that did the center. I may complain about the workmanship, but truthfully this is a pretty quilt.

I added another "line" of butterfly trails. I needed to fill in an area that seemed bare.

While I was quilting I was thinking of all those quilts yesterday. I was even thinking of what I want to do for another QOV quilt. Then I was thinking I seriously need to do one for Dad. Since I have lost two dear friends over the last few weeks, both served. I felt bad that I wasn't able to get them a QOV. So, I'm going to try and get more eagles done so I can give a couple to my family and friends as well as "strangers." They all deserve a quilt and I wish I could make everyone a quilt! Since I hand quilt...that's not an option unless I did nothing else then quilt - yea, right...with my attention span, that is another thing! I can wish!

Once I turned the quilt and worked on the center - I decided I needed to bast the wing on the eagle piece I am working on for QOV.

Since I back bast - I had to work from the back.

I laid everything flat and basted. Then I turned it over to make sure it laid right. Once I got the wing on, I realized I could also add the tail.

So, I basted the tail on as well. This will be easy enough to work on now. I can take it on Friday and work on it. I was hoping to get a few stitches in today but the cable went "off" on me and had to figure out what in the heck happened. - You know those things, when your ready to sit down and enjoy a movie. WAIT, the TV isn't working, can't hear a sound, and oh yah!, the screen is small. Unplug the TV and cable.....NOPE, that didn't work.....hit every button on the remote I can thing of....NOPE, that wasn't it. Okay, time to call the company....Yes, already did the unplugging....wait for a sec....okay....YES! Now I can tell them to reset.....Hit Reset.....Nothing happening......turn TV and cable off.....turn it back on....YES!! It worked.....oh, wait, the show I'm watching blacks out off and on....guess I better just call it good and change channels. WHAT?! Nothing worth watching...UGH.

At that point, lost the mood to applique for a little bit. Can't said I didn't try.

I did get some stitches in on the cross stitch last night. It's coming along great and I'll take photos to show tomorrow. Tonight I'm hoping to be Happy Quilting!

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