Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Inspiring Meeting Day!

Today I was up and ready to go. I swept and mopped the floor before leaving.

I drove up to Ruby Street Quiltworks. It was a pretty good drive considering. I got there about 10:45 am and thought we were having something big going on. I was surprised at how many members where there. Donna couldn't make it. I took the quilt up to them. We had about 12 quilts being shown. They were all wonderful quilts! I really do need to get moving and get another quilt done for them to give away. I really do want to get my father one as well. I'm going to work on it.

While I was there at the meeting I worked on the wing. This is the same wing I had to take out. So far this time it is going on just right. (the fabric that shows through is my table cloth).

I was actually enjoying my time! lol - Just because it wasn't giving me fits again. I'm so happy about how it's laying down good. Since it's laying right and working out right, I'm not ready to get moving and finish this up so we can get another quilt done for the QOV group. They will be giving out quilts next Wednesday but I have to take Art up for his eye appointment. I'm thinking if he gets done in time, we may stop by and help if we can. I'll have to wait and see how it goes next week

I called Patrick after I got home. I told him I needed to get out because I've been dwelling on all the sad (death) going on around me. We went out and he helped me think about how to move on. He's awesome when it comes to helping me understand life. I will take it to heart and hopefully things will work out great.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. I'm not going anywhere! I want to get some more quilting in. I want to get working on the cross stitch and applique. I will break up my day to see if I can do a little of all three tomorrow. If I quilt for an hour or two, then applique it should work out great. Tomorrow will work out great...if I can keep on track! Let's see what tomorrow will bring....hopefully no phone calls to interrupt me. lol  Tomorrow I'm looking forward to being Happy Quilting!!

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