Saturday, February 20, 2016

So Close to Getting the Center Done!!

This morning I enjoyed an hour to myself. I cooked the oatmeal cinnamon rolls I put together last night.

They turned out perfect! Tasted great! Even texted my son to tell him if he wanted some he better come over soon....didn't happen...his loss.

I started a load of laundry, emptied the dishwasher, and picked up a little. Patrick went outside and worked in the yard. He had a "friend" show up from the neighborhood. His "friend" brought him his burger toy to play with. When I went out, the dog pretty much let me know I wasn't supposed to bother them. It was funny! Patrick had to play with the dog as well as try and get some garden work done.

While he was outside, I went downstairs. I heated up the fireplace so I could keep warm down there.

I rolled the quilt, sat down and figured out I needed to roll hit another 3" before I got started. As one can tell, the center is slowly moving way! I'm so excited about getting done with that center. Once I do that I will be on my way to finishing up this quilt!

As time went by, I realized I was down there a good 4 hours. I tend to work from the left to the right on this center. Guess I'm more comfortable working from the left, since I am left handed.

I quilted the green area on this side. I need to do the left side, but wanted to get the cross hatching done first.

This is where I called it good. I was able to get a LOT done on this center piece, and it's soooo close to being done! I will probably go down again tomorrow and get more done. Patrick was up here watching TV while I was downstairs. We both were watching the same movie, but I think he just wanted to lay down on the couch. I did miss not having company down there, but I did understand why he wanted to lay down. He's still getting over the cold. He finally admitted he has a cold. He is telling me he will be back to normal tomorrow...don't think so!

When I finally called it good on the quilt, I came up here to watch the end of the movie. I pulled out my QOV piece and appliqued part of the flag down. I was able to get the top and start the bottom of the flag. It's coming along great too.

I bought the lighter fabric yesterday at Sisters. I like it better than the one I had. It shows up better. So, I'm going to applique this one and give it to Rita to put in the shop for the class I'm teaching. I don't think I will have it quilted. It will remind me of Charlie. I do miss that girl! I howled for her the other day and realized she wouldn't be coming around.

I marked the quilt top and now I need to baste it. I also marked my Brazilian embroidery piece. Now it's ready to get started on the Brazilian embroidery.

As I was marking my quilt top, Patrick asked what I was "doing now?" I told him I was working on this for my class. He just looked at me funny.

So, now the question is...What am I going to do tonight?  Good question. I have the cross stitch that is coming along, I have the 2 Fabric Applique that needs to be basted. What, oh, what am I going to do? Guess it will be what I'm in the mood to do. Which means I'm still Happy Quilting!

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