Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Today Was A Good Day...Even If It Wasn't Quilting!

Today I was up and ready to go walking with Ruth. So good to have her back! We actually got in two walks today and I'm way over my 10,000 steps. Funny how I can't even get 7,000 steps when she's not around!

I worked on genealogy this morning. I read some of my great grandmother's diary last night and wanted to check on the people she was talking about. I found out she was living with her White family. At the same time she visited her Moorhead family as well. She didn't say much, other than going from one family member to another. Her diary was written in 1894. She didn't live much longer than that. She died at the age of 24, of "lock jaw." I've got more to read. She said she got her "wedding cake receipt" in her diary, and I think I remember seeing that recipe at one time. If I find it again, I just may make it.

After working on the genealogy, I worked on making some money on Mturk. It was amazing how much time goes by when I'm working on both the genealogy and my Mturk.

It's day 4 and I'm not done with basting the "Cat Nap." It is close but not quiet there. I have quilting tomorrow and I'm hoping to finish the basting and get started on getting the applique started.

Went bowling tonight. Got a 506 series. Getting back up there again. It's taking too much time trying to get my "groove" on again.

I did give mom my Hawaiian quilt to put in the quilt show this weekend. I will be going to see Jeannie Austin on Friday. I'm excited to see her again! I have to take my eagle with me, and I've got to get moving and getting more stuff done on that block before I take it to her Friday. Let's see what tomorrow will bring...Happy Quilting!

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