Saturday, February 6, 2016

When Things Go Good.....

Today I was up early. I know, no new there! Anyway, I goofed around for awhile till Patrick wanted to get up. He slept in quiet a while so I had a morning of peace and quiet.

Patrick went outside and I went downstairs.

I knew I would - I changed the colors of the second set of bowls. I cut them out - but then wasn't thinking! I left the salvage on!! I figured out what I did wrong with this set, and made sure I didn't do it again with the other set.

I started marking the fabrics to have them ready for me to sew.

The more I got going, the faster I got going. I could mark pretty quick. Then as I was moving along, my marking pen ran out of the black "chalk." UGH! I went looking for my fillers.....and looked.....and looked. Nope, don't have them or if I do, I put them somewhere I forgot where.  Just like the pencil I have....I bought the filler and today while I was looking for the marking led, I found the led for my pencil!! Now I have way too much in the way of led for that pencil! I'd take them I throw out the receipt. Wonder if that will happen with my chalk markers...I'll buy the fillers and then find them!

I was getting the batting and fabrics together. As I was getting them going, Patrick came in and said he was coming back in in an hour and wanted to watch a movie. So, I decided to just get the stuff ready to sew and then when I can, will go down and finish them up. Prep will be done, so that will be a big help when I decide to sew I can just sit down and sew.

I'm all ready to get this done!

While we watched "The Thin Man" on TV, I worked on this piece. My roses didn't turn out very good. I will pick up some thread at our next meeting and finish it off with the french knots. There isn't a lot more I need to do. I'm not real thrilled about this piece. We'll see how it turns out.

When I finished up, I organized my threads for Brazilian embroidery.

They all are in one place and easy to get to. I used up 46 of my 50 clips! I am going to have to order some more! I couldn't believe I already have that much thread. I will be adding two more colors when I start the kit my son and daughter-in-law gave me for Christmas. That is going to be my next project after I finish up the one above. I may have to order more.

I worked on the cross stitch last night. I will be working on it again tonight. It is easier to work on it, and I'm trying to get it finished. It's looking good so far. The bottom is done except for the outline stitches. I like the way it's coming along. I'm still getting used to "parking." I do like that method though.

When things go good, more gets done! The good news is today was an awesome day for me! I was able to work on a couple different things. I wasn't out and about because we did that during the week. Tomorrow is even going to be as good or better! We don't have bowling because of Super Bowl. Patrick did mention that he wants some homemade pretzels tomorrow for the Super Bowl. I guess I may end up doing that too......waiting and seeing if I will have the time to be Happy Quilting!!

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