Wednesday, October 26, 2011

This morning I wish I took my camera with me when I did my morning walk at 7 a.m.  The sky was beautiful with reds and oranges. Plus the fall trees are turning. The maples are turning bright red and bright yellow. It's so enjoyable walking that early in the morning to watch as the sun comes up. If you haven't done that, you should at least once in your life time.

As things turned out yesterday, I was lucky enough to get more quilting in. I did two loads of laundry and baked some gluten free peanut butter cookies. I kept getting up and down with quilting yesterday. I tend to want to move around more then just sit all day. I got lucky - Charlie decided she wanted to sleep in my computer chair rather then come into the living room and sleep on the quilt. - Not so lucky today, the first thing she did when she came into the house was go straight for my quilt. As for me, I'm on the computer. No surprise there.

I need to work on getting my stuff ready for the quilt group tomorrow. We started another group with The Applique Society. TAS as we call it. That is a great group of people to get involved with and there are so many good ideas out there. I've learned a lot from them over the past three years of being a member. My mother has been a member almost from the beginning. I think it's funny how our membership numbers are exactly 10,000 different. I joined 10,000 after she did. I am a member of two TAS groups. One is at my mother's home and the other is at Quilter's Junction, in town. The one at Quilter's Junction is new, this will be our 3rd meeting. All the ladies are wonderful to be around. Plus being with them has gotten me to get more done with my projects. I have actually been working on 2 different applique projects and quilting 2 different quilts. I told myself I would not start a new project till I completed 2 unfinished works. I have actually finished 4 unfinished projects since June and have told myself I want to finish more before I start my Baltimore Christmas BOM (block of the month). I ordered that in January and got all my supplies at the end of September. I'm excited to get that going but want to finish a little more before I do.

My BOM's consist of Affairs of the Heart - which is one of my projects I'm doing now. I have 27 blocks of the 32 or 36 blocks done. This was something 4 of our group decided to do. 3 of us bought the BOM through a quilt shop in Texas. My mother decided she was going to make it from her scraps. So, of course, she finished the quilt first, even when we told her she had to wait. Mom just works fast and does beautiful work.

I need to get my bobbins done and put in the stack and carry case. I took that idea from a few of my fellow quilters. They bought cheap bobbins and used the embroidery/applique threads and wound them on there. They bought the Stack'n Store "trees" and use those for when they are going to meetings or retreats. That way you don't have to carry all your threads with you. I like it because it take one bag out of the equation. Less to carry and more room for your fabrics. I was winding bobbins this weekend and now just need to get a few more before I pack for tomorrow and Friday.

Okay, today is a "nothing scheduled" day. So, let's see if I get anything done today. I really do need to vacuum but Charlie gets spooked. And after saying that, I agree with my husband, that cat is spoiled! I work around her and she comes around for TLC all the time. Actually, that's why I'm slow today, she wanted an hour of TLC time with me this morning. Now she's on the quilt.

Quilting is going faster than I thought it would. My stitches are not very good, but I am working on it. Hopefully they will get better by the time I'm done. It's not really a quilt for show, so I'm really not worried about it. I'm not ready to show off my quilts, never really felt like showing off my work. I enjoy what I do and don't care what others think about my quilts. I blush when people like my work, so I keep them in the family.

Okay, time to do something constructive again. Who knows what my day will be like till I do it. Have a great day.  

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