Friday, April 20, 2012

Busy finding new things....yet old....

Okay, it's time to let you know what I've been up to the last two days.

A friend of mine came over and we worked on making a couple hand bags. I had everything ready for both of us to sit down and sew the blocks together and get the bag done yesterday. Rose was more interested in the embroidery, as she brought over her Designer machine with attachments. She worked on embroidery for the coupon bags she was making for both of us. While she was embroidering I was sewing the blocks for two bags. I got the 4 panels done yesterday. She also go embroidery done on my bag which turned out great.

One of the embroideries she worked on was a butterfly.

The other was a hummingbird, which is so cool!

She took her bag home to work on the embroidery on hers, and then we will get together and put it all together. I'm looking forward to the end result.

It's fun having friends over to work on stuff, have lunch and get a lot of stuff done!

Today, I went over to my parents house, and I will tell you, I give so much credit to my sister-in-law! She has that house almost empty now. It is soooo cool to see the house ready for the market. We found out they need to do a little more work on a few things and then they can put it on the market on Friday.

In the meantime, my "sis" is putting stuff aside that mom wants me to have. She gave me more boxes of letter, photos, and "stuff." One find was several quilt patterns that are old, or older than those on the market today.

Note on top of the pattern: "Taken from the "Kansas City Star" in 1933"

This pattern has a note on the bottom from my grandmother: "One of the oldest designs for quilting. Trace with pencil may be enlarged if space to be filled is larger."

My family is from Kansas, so it won't surprise me to find a few more patterns like these:

Hope this give you something to read, since I've been slowing down on my posts. I'm hoping since my husband and son are still on the road, I can post more this weekend. LOL

I'm excited about the findings of my family history information, and have been glued to my genealogy. Wish I had this information 20 years ago when I really wanted it. Now I'm busy doing two family histories and they both are coming up with some really good information. I may have to do a quilt about all this research. There were quilts made in my family, very few (if any) have made it to me.  The White's and the Wineland's were all quilters, and I know there are quilts out there made by them. I heard the story of one of my mother's Aunt's quilt that were stolen when they were moving into an old "folks" home. They called everyone she made a quilt for to help in finding the quilts. Instead, everyone whom she gave a quilt to brought a couple back so she wouldn't know they were missing. The had a floor to ceiling chest of quilts, so that tells you how many people were kind enough to bring quilts back to her. After her death, they were returned to the owners, but the other quilts where never found.

Okay, on a happier note, I'm bowling tonight, wish me luck. lol

In the mean time...Happy Quilting.

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