Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Middle of the Week

Yesterday I spent the afternoon quilting on my Hawaiian quilt. It is going pretty fast, and I'm happy with the results.

Today I'm heading over to a friends to work on my cross stitch and to help her out. I will post my cross stitch that I'm working on - later. I started it a couple years ago and haven't done much since I put things away a few years ago. I had a good dry spell for about 10 years. So, it's clean up the old projects and start new ones when the old ones are done. I'm hoping my mind set is to work on the top I got on Friday. If I can just sit down and do it, I can get it out of the house.

Will try and post letters later today.

If you want to see how retreat was, go to my other blog - that I put under TAS (The Applique Society). I posted some of the photo's there.

Friend we went with to Seabeck, WA: Ann Busby, Ethel Mosher, Darleen Antill, and Norma Nelson.

How much I got done there.

And one of the other's block:

We had fun!

Later, Happy Quilting.

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