Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Getting more done

Today was one of those days. I did get some quilting done as well as some genealogy.

My friend came over today, but she wasn't feeling good. So, while she was falling asleep, I was quilting. I finished a really good section. I've got photo's I need to post on here.

Yesterday I made another bag. I decided to make one for my laptop. I may end up making another one, since this one just isn't the right size. I will try and post some photo's tomorrow. I have been getting a lot done lately, and it's really a good feeling to have so much done.

I'm finding letters and photos I haven't seen before. Once in a great while I find a photo of a quilt or someone in the family mentioning a quilt they are working on. I have found more quilt patterns, with one of them being the Indian gal and guy. I've put that aside, as I may make one, one of these days.

Till I post photo's...Happy Quilting.

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