Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Week In Review

Okay, I know I said I'd be on, and I have tons of excuses! At the same time, I tell myself NO EXCUSES!

Decided to make it easy on myself figuring out what I have been up to the last week...well, good questions.

May 2, Wednesday

Went over to a friends house and worked on our bags! I finally finished the bag!! At first I was getting a little worried we wouldn't finish the bags, as my friend tends to wonder off when she thinks of something and the sewing doesn't get done. OR she wants to do another project and finish it. I came home and finished the last details of it. She finished up the coupon carriers that she was making for us both.

Worked on my cross stitch for a little bit.

May 3, - - Mom's Birthday

Called mom and wished her a Happy Birthday. Double checked on the time for dinner. Worked on my genealogy. Got a letter from a long lost relative, and am looking forward to keeping in contact with the family. Took dad the photo's they sent. One was of my 3x's great grandparents. Hadn't seen a photo of them before.

Ironed in the morning on the handkerchief's that belonged to my great grandmother. Want to put them into a quilt or two. If I can get more than one quilt out of it, I can give one to one of my brothers.

Right now they look like kites. lol

May leave this one as is.

Then we all went out to eat for Mom's Birthday, and found out mom made other plans for Mother's Day. That surprised the heck out of me. My husband and son told me not to worry, they will take care of me on Mother's Day. Went home and worked on my quilt. Even played on the computer for a hour.

May 4,

Worked on genealogy - Hubby's side. Didn't get much of anything done actually. Just cleaned up the house and made a bigger mess in the computer room with genealogy.

May 5,

Saturday, woke at 5 am and finally got up at 4:45 am. Played games till the rest of the house woke up, then went to the casino to play some more. We came home with $40 more then we took. Not bad, better than usual. :-)  My son joined in the fun as well. He wanted to check out the people that go to the casinos for research. He researched and we played!

I did got a good 4 hours of quilting in while we watched a movie on TV. I did start a list of what I needed to do - on that list is CLEAN UP THE QUILT ROOM. What is it about quilters that have a quilt room? We clean it up, work on projects, and when we are done, leave it where it is. Then when something needs to be returned to the quilt room, we put it on top of what we were working on. OR we start a pile right next to it. By the time a week or two has gone by, the quilt room likes like a tornado hit it, and the rest of the house looks great. Go Figure!!

May 6,

Worked on the computer with genealogy, playing games, and a few other things before I went out to help hubby with gardening. Actually took a few plants out and re potted them. Took photos of my flowering plants in the yard.

Our apple tree this year.

Another bush in the yard.

My parents came over for supper. We had a great meal that my hubby fixed with some help from my son and I. After dinner we played card games - AND I WON BOTH GAMES.

May 7,

Yesterday - headache so my morning was not a morning. I did get laundry in, sleep, laundry in, back to sleep, etc., all the way till noon. Explains why I couldn't sleep last night at all! Anyway, worked on genealogy, played games, and quilted. The quilting is coming along great!  I'm in the background area again and it goes faster then I get there. The corner is being worked on, and I keep hoping no puckers will show up as I go, since I'm having to work in a BIG circle area. So far, so good.

I'm going around the flower and stems, to get to the "V" area, so I can start working on that part of the corner. I should be able to get to that area tonight and if all goes well, the flowers will meet up with the center portion and I can echo in that area before going on around the corner.  I'm really liking the effect I have on it.

So, as you can see, I'm still quilting when I can. I'm still doing genealogy just about every day.

As I type this, I see my cat through the side of my eyes, sneaking into our bedroom. She likes the quilt on the bed, and sometimes sneaks in there to sleep. Hubby doesn't want her on the bed, so I'm going to have to go put her on her own quilt. She prefers the bed lately. Oh, well.

No, this isn't my bed, I actually make my bed every day. This is the quilt she's supposed to be on. lol

BEST news is I bought myself a laptop for my Birthday!! So, when that comes in, I can blog more while I'm watching TV. I can even get a few more letters done for the "Letters from the Past."  In the meantime...
I'm Happy Quilting.

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