Saturday, July 7, 2012

July came fast

July came so fast, I didn't realize it was here when it arrived. lol

I've been trying to get a few of my projects done, but haven't been so lucky lately. I am working on block #30 of the Affairs of the Heart quilt. I'll post photo's later, so I can add them to my yahoo group that I'm in.

So, I finally got together with my friend and we made bags. Her and I made each other a bag with our monograms on them. (above)

It took us two days to complete. The first day we cut out the pattern, and did the monograms. We sewed the "circle" and called it a day. Then about 4 days later, we finished up sewing the rest of the bag. It went pretty fast, so we ended up with two really good grocery bags.

I haven't started on the P3 BOM #3 yet. I'm hoping to do that soon. Right now I'm trying to finish the AOTH block instead. Need to finish the quilt so that I can get it quilted for my daughter and her future husband. I'm needing to get it done before June next year when the wedding will be.

Today, we had a great trip to Mt. St. Helen's to check out how's it's changed.

The drive was wonderful and enjoyed seeing the mountain come a live the closer we got.

Taking photo's from the car as we drive gets interested.

But they still turned our pretty good.

Got to the top and took this photo. The mountain is growing pretty good from the first time I was it when the mountain blow. I still remember that day, and the friends that lost family members at the mountain.

Had hubby take a photo of me. Not the best, but can live with it. lol

I enjoyed the new flowers growing up in the mountain. The wild flowers that grow all over the mountain. Not sure what kind of flowers these are but I really liked them. Took photos so I can use them for designing.

All in all, a fun day.

I've been quilting on my two quilts every chance I get. I'm hoping to have them done by December but who knows.

In the meantime....Happy Quilting...

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