Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Visit to Tacoma Quilt Show - 8/25/12

On Saturday I went with some of our quilt group (Myron's Girls) and others in the area to attend the Tacoma Quilt Show. Pacific Regent. We all took a trip on Discovery Tours to help with not worrying about driving up there and finding a parting spot. It worked great! compared to the last time we went in a group with 2 or 3 cars. Parking is hard to find at times up there. Even when you go to the Spaghetti Factory to eat! lol

It was a long day, but worth it. I found there were more artsy quilts then there used to be, but some of really pretty and WOW factors. Others I often wonder why they even bother, but that is me and only me (so don't try to tell me why - I don't go there.)

I was amazed how this feather was so close to being real.

A wonderful way to remember the past.


Love wildlife.

I really like the colors.

Horses are wonderful and this quilt moved me a little in the WOW factor.

More than pretty.

I liked the concept of this quilt. It is a lot like a quilt I would love to do for my heritage. I have way too many ideas of what I want, just haven't been able to put it in a quilt.

This quilt amazed me!

This one was like looking at a beautiful painting.

This was the side we could see, the other side is identical with it being night time. It's amazing how they did it.

Love this.

So, you see, well worth going to. There was so much there! It was amazing and wonderful to see. More then expected. It's not the old time quilts that it was 20 years ago. It's the quilts that were started 20 years ago that people couldn't decide if they liked them or not. I'm a little disappointed that quilts now are "rare edge" type quilts that need to be machine sewn. Very few quilts where handmade and hand quilted. When I say "handmade" I'm saying done by hand, not machine. I'm still the old fashion quilter who believes in handmade quilts.

I don't have the desire to do the "artsy fartsy" quilts but I d admire those that do. I know ANY quilt takes time and energy to do. What you do, is what you enjoy and have fun doing, I admire that. What I do, I do for myself or my family and I enjoy that. Quilts are there to be enjoyed and I did enjoy the show.

It got me thinking and wanting to get a few quilts done before too long. I'm hoping to be able to lift more so I can pull out the Hawaiian quilt and finish with the quilting.

Enjoy the photos I sent and have fun Happy Quilting....

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