Sunday, September 9, 2012

3 Weeks after Surgery

I'm getting close to my 4th week after surgery. Good news is I have the green light from the doctor and was told to be careful till my 6th week has passed. I'm healthy and healing great. My scar is showing but not near what I thought it would be.

So, for the last week I have been doing embroidery on the blocks I completed for the Affairs of the Heart book. I am almost caught up with the embroidery. I have 5 more blocks to do and then I can work on the border. I need to cut my fabric for the last 5 blocks.

Yesterday our neighbor had a garage sale, so I took some things down to sell. I was surprised I did so well, since I only had about an hours notice. I didn't sell 2 baskets, so will take them to our quarterly meeting and have the group "bid" on them.

It feels good to be able to get back into my crafts. I'm looking forward to pulling my quilt out from behind the couch and start quilting on it tonight or tomorrow.

My sewing room is looking awful! I'm hoping to go down there and clean it up. Plus I have the quilt I told a friend I would finish for her, that seriously needs to be done and out of my house. I seem to keep feeling of "too much to do." Then I turn around and walk out of my room.

I'm sitting here playing games and watching football. I seriously need to get off my toosh and do something.

May you all have a great day and in the meantime, I hope to be Happy Quilting this evening.

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