Saturday, September 15, 2012

Enjoying quilting

The last 4 days, I've really enjoyed being able to quilt. Not only on my Hawaiian, but also being able to work on my Affairs of the Heart blocks.

Love Charlie's attitude!

Anyway, over the last week I was able to finish the following blocks. I used an 8 count thread on the embroidery, because I wanted the "weavers" look. It's coming along nicely, but I think I should have stayed with the floss and used all 6 strands. Even though I like the affect of the 8 count thread, I found it easy to make it too loose when working with it, and at times it was hard to pull the thread through.

This block was one of the hardest for me to do. It turned out a little different from the pattern because when I cut the pieces, I found they didn't fit right in the places they were to go. So, I did what any applique r would do - compromised to get it where I needed it and make it fit. Easier than taking it out over and over. One of the things I love about applique, no one knows but me what I did differently unless someone put the pattern over the block and compared - and if your that "perfect" then don't come to my house.

This one was fun. It was easy and quick, the embroidery was a little harder in getting it to look even, but then I decided I wasn't going to mess with taking out embroidery - even with an 8 count thread.

This one was just as much fun with the embroidery. Love the effect on the block.

The embroidery on this was hard to decide on. Since I'm using 4 different variegated threads, I didn't want to loose the darker green in the background as I'd done before. The darker green didn't look right in the middle, so stayed with what I had.

This block I marked. I started the embroidery on this at our Thursday TAS meeting. On Friday I had 2 1/2 hearts completed. This is the last of the block that needed embroidery. My next step is to cut out 5 more black backgrounds and start working on the last 5 blocks in this quilt. Once that is done, I can start on the borders. I'm getting excited about doing the borders.

While I worked on the block at the two TAS meetings I had this week, I also quilted at night. I'm spending less time playing games on the computer and getting back to my quilting. So, the good news is the quilting on both quilts is slowly getting done.

I was able to get the two "areas" to meet with the echo stitches. Remember, I am doing this by eye sight and not marking the quilt. I find I like to do it that way rather than marking every step of the way.

So, over the last week, I have gotten the quilting to a point where I can go around in a circle. That makes it easier and faster. Once I have the circle finished I can go back and work on the lower part of the quilt that is close to the border. Once that is done, I will be about half way finished with the quilt. Not bad, since I started it in February and took a good 3 months off so one reason or another.

Today I'm not sure what will get done. Hubby is cleaning out his garage (kids stuff in there), and rearranging it so he can do what he needs to in there. He's the clean "freak" in this family, and over the last 30 years, I've learned to get rid of a lot of stuff. When I think I might need it, he looks at me and say, "You'll never use it, get rid of it." Then before I can think about it, he's got it and it's either in the trash or in a box for Good Will. Oh, well. Truth be known, he's right, I wouldn't use it....  So, it's cleaning day for him - yet again. He's been pretty good about my crafts, and it's not very often he will get near my stuff. lol Only when I ask for help.

I'm working on laundry, going to probably clean out the refrigerator because is looking pretty bad. I have a thing about my kitchen being clean. Lived in the South and overseas where bugs "creep" me out, so I make sure my kitchen won't collect them. OH! Like last week! I went to get some noodles in a box. When I opened a brand new box, there were bug the size of a pen point. Got so creeped out that I throw it out. THEN I took everything out of the cupboard and cleaned all three storage places we keep food. Hoping that worked, but I'll be checking every day for the next month! I'm awful about it. Yet my house can grow dust and I won't touch it till someone runs a finger over the area! All because I HATE dusting and hope hubby will do it for me. :-)

Okay, enough about dirt, and back to today. Too much going on.

My daughter's ex-fiance showed up. My hubby was sweet to him. We'll really miss him, but my daughter made her choice.

I better get off, need to clean and try to find time to be Happy Quilting.....

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