Monday, October 29, 2012

Getting stuff done

I'm happy to say, I'm getting stuff done. I don't know where the time has gone, but at least I'm doing something other than games on the computer.

Last week I had two different quilt group meeting.

Wednesday Rose came by and we spent the day working on the bags she got me started on in April or May. She cut out the pattern for a couple more for herself, and I worked on the two I had that needed to be finished. I got one done and started on the next. She helped me figure out my surger that was given to me from one of mom's friends. I need to send her a thank you card.

Thursday I took my quilt to the meeting to quilt on it. Instead, I ended up helping at Quilter's Junction while the owner went to take her grandson to the doctors. I ended up working most of the time, but it brought back memories of working for her when she first opened up her store. I remembered how to work the cash register and d a lot of fun. I also came home with some fabric. I also learned how the fabric crayons worked. We colored some blocks with crayons, ironed them and got to see what they look like. I brought two blocks home to wash, I wanted to see how much coloring you need to do to bring out the color. I bought a pattern awhile back where you color the design and then you embroider it. I'm actually looking forward to starting that. BUT I promised myself, I had to get two done before I can start another one. I'm not a quick as mom - she's already almost done with the Tree of Life quilt from a kit. And she only started it a couple months ago.

Friday I went to the car dealers to get my oil changed. Then I called dad to pick me up and go be with the quilters. I stayed for about an hour and then I went back to get my car. I swear, since my parents moved into town, the quilt group now meets at 9 am instead of 10 am. Then we have a couple that have to be even earlier, and show up at 8 am. I miss the times when I could go early and chat with my parents before anyone shows up, but I have found it doesn't matter how early  I am, there is always someone else earlier than me.. ugh.  I did cut out my pieces for my #32 & #33 block on the Affairs of the Heart blocks. May get that done one of these days too!

Saturday was one of those days my hubby wanted to do something different. So, we went to the movie "Altas Cloud." Don't even go see that movie! It was so violent/gory/horror, with a splash of porn - real porn! I was ready to leave after 20 mins, but hubby thought it would come together. It did, but they could have done it better. This was awful! On top of that, I don't need to see two gay guys making out. (no offence). I just don't need to see it. I quilted for a little while after we got home.

Sunday was a nice day downstairs. I worked on another bag, while hubby and I watched football - dare Seahawks! - and the history channel. I had to change the needles on the serger because it wasn't letting me do anything. Got it working

Got a lot of this bag done. I was surprised at how easy it was getting, but it still took awhile.

And while I was doing this, the photo of Charlie above shows what she was doing on the quilt frame downstairs. I still need to get working on the quilt top for a friend and hope to get that going soon. Last night I worked on quilting the Hawaiian. And NO I do not have a name for it just yet. I've got ideas, but haven't found it yet.

I keep getting closer, and I'm really please with the way it's coming out. The colors may look blue to you, but they are purple. This quilt is purple and white. It does have a blue tint to it.

I lilked the way this was coming along! lol I got this part done, and am working on the area on the other side of it. There are three parts to this area. When one goes around all this, it closes off the other two areas. I then go back to them when each section is done.

The mess is getting bigger, but I'm getting stuff done. I have my table set up like this now, and will put the serger away later. I need to finish two more bags and then I'm HOPING I'm done with bags for awhile. I keep telling Rose, I need to finish what I have and not start anything new, but she has other ideas. lol

So, here in a few mins, after I finish this, I'm going to be Happy Quilting......

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