Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Slowing down

Okay, I'm slowing down, but not because I'm slow, but because I've been busy.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We did, my nephew and his wife came to visit for Thanksgiving and we had a great meal. My son went to his girlfriends families gathering. We decided not to do that, as Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. So, I had more fun decorating and prepping for Thanksgiving.

Guess I can't show you photos since I seem to have used up the amount I'm allowed.  Hoping it will fix itself!

I've been working on the Baltimore Liberty quilt. I worked on the blocks, got one half of the leaves done on one, and basted more on. I'm hoping to finish the block soon. I did work on the second block as well, and I've got the leaves, some of the crackers, and stems done so far. This block should be quick and easy. I just need a really nice brown fabric to use for the bell.

Last night - after a week and a half - I finally pulled the quilt out and started quilting on the Hawaiian quilt again. I' hoping to get a lot done today.

I also got 2 more grocery bags done. At least I'm getting a few Christmas gifts done as well. Just can't post them on here because that would give it away. lol

So, with no photos to show till they fix the problem, I'll be Happy Quilting.......

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