Sunday, January 20, 2013

Good Year so far!

This is getting to be a good year so far! I'm happy to say a few things are getting done!

I took the fabric out of the box and put a square together for my friends quilt. I just need to do 2 more and then I can put the quilt top together. I took out the pieces to see what I had done and how much is needed to finish up the last two blocks.

I then went through my fabrics to pick out colors that will work for the Funky Chicken pattern I need t do. This quilt block is for one of our group ladies. She asked for the Funky Chicken block from all of us. I had my son work on a "cook" for my funky chicken. He did the pattern for me, and I'm ready to go. Just need to get started. The spatula is done in 2 colors, so picked out the above and will applique the first spatula on to the second one first, then cut it out and applique it to the bird.

Went over to my parents house on Wednesday, as mom had some fabrics she ironed. They were the fabrics that we got at the Tacoma quilt show. The one bag was full of pieces of dyed fabric. The other bag had small pieces, and mom was saying she wouldn't be able to use them. I remember telling her that at the time, but she wanted them anyway. lol So, while I was there, she gave me the fabrics and 2 of her completed needle cases she made. We are making 6 a piece to give out at TAS's quilt retreat this year. I asked her to cut the fabric for more and I would do those as well. I don't know what happened but she did the pattern wrong. I haven't taken the 2 she did out, but I'm trying to figure out what to do with them. 

I sewed up the ones she didn't do, but cut the fabric for. Anyone that knows me, knows I do not care to sew on the machine, but will if I have to.

Once the "case" was done, then I went and sewed the felt on.

This is the finished design. It is quick and easy. For me, that is WONDERFUL!!

I also got some quilting in. This flower, I had to take out ALL my quilting, and HOPE I didn't have to take out more. I was lucky in that regard, once the flower quilting was removed, I could go back and quilt it without the buckling I had when I quilted it the first time.

Now I'm getting along fine. The echoing is starting up for this area. Once I get that area going around, it won't take long at all. It's a big area, but at least I'm closer than I was. I believe this is the corner area, but not sure. After awhile it seems like I'm working on the same area and the quilting disappeared on me. lol

I updated my journal on the Baltimore Liberty quilt that I'm working on. I bought gray fabric for the bell while we were in Las Vegas, so I'm ready to get moving on this quilt. I need to finish the funky chicken this week because I really don't want to get behind with more than one quilt block at a time.....Wish me luck.

Need to get back in the mood to work on the funky chicken and finish a few more blocks.

Hopefully by next week, I'll have the funky chicken done, and more quilting on the Hawaiian. I seriously need to get moving on the Hawaiian as we will be at the retreat in April. I need it finished by the mean time, I'll be Happy Quilting.....

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