Sunday, March 31, 2013

Day Before Retreat

It's Easter Sunday, and the day before I head off to Retreat. May you all have a wonderful Easter with your friends and family! The weather is wonderful and reminds me of when I was a little girl looking for those Easter eggs.

Well, I think I'm ready. Luckily we don't have to take a lot of supplies as Nancy Chong has kits waiting for us. The back basting class has some supplies as well. We did get the photo of what we will be back basting so it was easy to pick the fat quarters we needed for the class. I don't think I have ever gone to a retreat with what little I am taking - before!

I have been baking more lately, not that that helps my gluten intake. Being sensitive to gluten can be a major pain, when you love to bake and eat fresh bread! But life goes on and I bake for friends and family.

Yesterday was a beautiful day, so you can pretty much get the idea that I didn't get much if any quilting in. (NO the quilt is not done yet). Patrick did a lot of yard work out there, and as you can tell, he is in his own little world when he mows.

I pulled out my camera and started to check to make sure everything was there that I wanted to take. I even pulled out my close up lens and took a few photos -

That's what you call "playing around." I wanted to get the humming birds but they wouldn't come around when I had the camera - go figure.

The last few days I have been able to quilt, I did. I was at this point on Thursday, and then the weekend came. Friday was one of those days I missed I stayed home! Went to my mother's quilt group Friday morning (after running round with my head chopped off), and ended up making 7 more needle cases to give out at retreat! Luckily Ethel told me to sew around them and she would get the ribbon and finish them. BUT I have yet to figure out my mother! She doesn't know where anything is! We used the ribbon a couple weeks before to make the cases her and I said we would. THEN Friday she was getting "PO'd" at me for asking her where stuff was! Did she know?? - NO! UGH. So, I ended up using what I found on hand and then gave them to Ethel to put the ribbon in and sew them up. Talked to her last night and she had to redo one of them, and I figured that would be the case, as one of them I was having trouble with. At least those are done. We had 2 months to do this, and we had one gal that "forgot." So, those 7 had to be done by today. I always hate that. And of course, I'm the one in that group that ends up picking up the pieces because no one else will. Everyone wants to work on their stuff and forget about helping. I have decided to quit going to my mother's group for a while. I'm tired of being the host.

And now we are at this post of quilting. I would love to have this part done before going tomorrow, but not sure I will make it. Patrick wants to make a day of it. Sounds like we are going bike riding and to the casino. Not the smartest place to go on Easter Sunday, but since both kids are gone, and mom and dad decided they wanted to go to friends instead of spending Easter with us, we are on our own once again. (That's what I get when I tick mom off.)

So, today is sunny and bright, I'm getting ready to go biking - which I love to do and need to get my legs used to it again - and then out to eat. I'm hoping to come home and be Happy Quilting........but who know how this day will end. 

May you all have a Wonderful Easter and be Happy Quilting.....

Monday, March 25, 2013

Long Overdue

Here I go again, taking too long to blog. One of these days I'll get it right. lol

I'm trying to get the quilt done by next Monday, but to be truthful, I don't know if it will happen. I tend to find things that need to be done, and I think I'm having a hard time finishing. Not quilting it - but finishing it. I've been working on it for so long, I hate to finish it! What in the world is wrong with me!?!

I've actually gotten more than this done on this area. If I can get this done, it shouldn't be that much harder to get the rest going just as fast.

I took off the round hoop and changed it to the square one. I need to make sure my quilt is going with the grain when I put it on, but it has been helping a lot more than the hoop. My hoop is about 30 years old and I seriously need a new one. I found one I want but don't know if they are still in business. It will cost me close to $100 to get it, and I really don't know if I want to spend that much. It would be a better hoop and a lot tighter.

This weekend I spend time going to a Barbershop Quartet concert and really enjoyed it. While we were out at the concert, I had my sour dough going with the bread machine. I wanted to make some pretzels. When I got home it went pretty quick making them. I've been experimenting how to make pretzels that have a really good crust. I finally found one!

Had Patrick shape them, and we did a couple different shapes. I would have taken a photo of them but this was the only one that was left. Even my son said it tasted like pretzels. That made me happy! I love making homemade bread but I need to cut out eating the bread. I have a gluten sensitivity and got carried away the last couple weeks. Retreat is next weeks, so will be on the gluten free meal for a week at least.

This weekend, I went down to me quilt room - haven't been down there in a LONG time, and seriously need to go down and try to finish a few things!

Anyway, this is the mess I found -

I get some help - everyone puts my "crafts" downstairs on the cutting table. Instead of cleaning up my quilt room, I ended up cleaning up the living room, dinning room, and kitchen. When I say cleaning, I mean SPRING cleaning and getting behind every corner. Took longer to do the cleaning then our usual clean on Saturday mornings.

So, today, after doing the paperwork for TAS on both groups, writing a letter to someone to pay their water bill, and cleaning up the kitchen as well as laundry, I went downstairs. Here we go again, CLEANING. I don't like cleaning but I do it. Easier to clean a clean room then a messy room. I found a few things that need to be done -

Blocks of the Enigma Star pattern. I have enough to put a quilt together. This was hand pieced and I've been working on them over 15 years now. What I really need to do, is put them together and finish this quilt. That is one of many UFO's, but WAIT, I'm not done -

Let's not forget about my Affairs of the Heart quilt! This one need 5 more blocks done and then they can be put together. STILL MORE - 

Table Runner #1! This is ready to be quilted as is - 

Table runner #2! Okay, now that makes 4 projects - RIGHT? Well, that's just the ones I pulled out off my cutting table. Now what -

stack them up and HOPE to get to work on them when I'm done with the quilt. Really?! Nah, that probably won't happen - remember - I have that quilt top I told a friend I would finish?? Well, I really think that should be next - OH WAIT, High School Graduation is coming up in June and I need to do the crocheted afghan I said I would do for her! OH CRAP! When will this stack get touched again??! Heck if I know, but I'll try to get to them this year!

Oh, yah, forgot to tell you of all the photo's of quilts that I took over the years........Now what?! I need to go through them and decide what I want to keep and what can be thrown away......then what?! probably TRY and put them in an album. OH, did I tell you, that's another project?

Cleaned up a little I sit here and wonder if that was a good idea or not. It's straightened up some, but wouldn't you know it, I found more stuff that need to be finished - including that quilt on the frame! The funny part is, you can't see the others that are in boxes back on the shelves. UGH

While cleaning, on Saturday, I found these cute little sleds, stacked with chocolate! I took a few pictures for next year, so I can make them at Christmas time. We had them on the book shelves, showing them off.

Okay, after all that's going on, I'm back to quilting. I need to pick it up a notch and get to work. I will be in Seabeck WA next week. I'm planning on taking my computer and will see if they have WiFi for me to post daily. Then maybe I can get in the habit of posting daily.

Hoping to post before I leave on Monday - and hoping to be Happy Quilting......

Monday, March 18, 2013

Time Gets By

Another week has almost gone by and I haven't posted anything. Funny how I can think of what to post and then I don't get there at all.

On Thursday last week we had our quilt group meeting. I took the quilt along with me. We picked another name for the next friendship quilt. Luckily it wasn't me. I have an idea of what I want to make but still haven't decided. Plus I need to buy background fabric for the quilt. I really do need to sit down and figure out what I want to do.

I was able to get a few stitches in on the quilt. I'm getting more done then I have been getting in awhile.

The weather was so nice recently, that I went out around the house to take a few pictures of the flowers blooming. The tulips are starting to come up as well.

Patrick's flowers are looking great. Pretty soon he'll start working on the garden.

I'll be heading to a friends tomorrow and then have a great day with my cousin, who I haven't seen for some time. I'm really looking forward to seeing her.

Been doing the usually laundry and cleaning the house. We actually cleaned our bedroom by moving all the furniture and vacuuming as well as window washing. Spring cleaning is here.

Patrick was hungry for Rice Krispie bars, so made them. Didn't take long before Patrick and Phill helped themselves to the goodies.

I've been trying to get the two corners and the side done. I'm hoping to get moving on them, but lately I seem to be trying harder then usually. Guessing it is my usual way of finishing things. I get close to having them done and then it takes me a couple weeks to do what would normally take a couple days. It's like letting a child go, I guess. I worked on this area the past two days.

I have decided to do the echoing around the side first and work the corners next. I have to do the flowers on the edge of the quilt to be able to work in the echoing around the sides.

We took a break on Saturday and went to the OZ movie. It has a great ending. The rest of the movie, I'm still trying to decide how I liked it.

Then yesterday, I pulled out an old movie from the movies we have been collecting over the years. It was a Spencer Tracey and Catherine Hepburn movie that I hadn't seen. Funny I didn't notice that sooner! lol I did enjoy that movie, even though at times it didn't seem to be going fast enough. Old movies are wonderful to watch! I find a lot of the older movies are a lot better than the new ones.

So, now, I'm going to go and get more done on my quilt. The next time you see me, I'll be Happy Quilting.....

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

AS the week goes on

It's been a busy week and I'm not even trying to make it one. But then again, it is quilt group week and it never fails, something always fills in the week. UGH

I was able to finish this area. Since the weekend was busy with me working for my friend, Carol, I still was able to get some quilting done. It's going along, slowly, but it's going along.

This is the finished part. Hard to believe how much quilting is in this quilt. I still want to do another Hawaiian quilt of my own design. I have even been thinking of what I would do differently. The fabrics are in my fabric collection and will be green and white. Is really pretty fabric. Just need to sit down and design the next quilt top. AFTER I finish a few of my UFO's. I have more projects going now then I have had in a long time, but then they ARE the projects I've had for a long time! I'm slowly getting them done, and I've promised myself I would get 2 projects done before I even start 1. Well, I finished 4 in the past year, and only started 1......or 2.....can't remember :-)

Since I have been showing what I have finished, I figured I better show the part that still needs done, so you can see, I have a ways to go. I may end up taking it with me on retreat just to try and get it done. Who knows!

Guess who has already claimed the quilt! She's been on this quilt from day one. When I started appliqueing the quilt to quilting the quilt.

See the look I get when I'm quilting on this? I get this often. LOL

Now I'm working on the fourth side. I will be doing this part first before I head in to the sides. I have two of the corners to work on as well.

While trying to get this quilt done, I have been working on one of the friendship blocks. I have the pieces attached to where they need to go.

I have been baking more. I started a batch of sourdough bread. I've also been working on getting my Cholesterol down. It gets interesting when I want to try to get my weight down and my cholesterol but so far I'm fighting a loosing battle. At times I get nervous about nothing and have to calm myself done. I work on my quilts to calm me down. Weird but I seem to have to have something to do. LOL - most people would love to be alone.

I helped my husband plant 2 blueberry bushes on Saturday. Now I can't wait for them to grow! LOL - Love those blueberries!

So, in the meantime, I'm still Happy Quilting......

Friday, March 8, 2013

Finished Pincushions

March 7, 2013

Thought I would let you all see what I have finished so far. I took the time to do these pincushions for Emily. Funny, I put them on the table for my son to take to her, and when I told him they were there he said, "Took a picture with my phone and sent it to her." Okay, and she sees what I did - how?!? Photos don't show detail sometimes. Oh, well.

Finished this area and started quilting in the area next to it. Figured out I have way too much work to do, to have done at the end of the month. Don't know how good I am with deadlines  but I can tell you, not really that good. I do as I want, not as I should. 

Worked on this most of the afternoon and getting caught up on the old NCIS shows. I remembered a couple of them, and a couple were new. I've watched all my stuff on the DVR and now need to find more stuff to copy so I have something to watch in the afternoon while working on the quilt. 

I did win two games this morning (8th) in cribbage. So, hopefully I'm good. 

I went to help Carol last night (7th), and put in a good 4 hrs. It's interesting when you have two people wanting to do the same thing but can't. With one arm out of sorts, my two hands fill in Then telling someone to do something is slower than doing it yourself but you find you have to have patience to work with each other. It's an interesting feeling but it does work when both are on the same page. 

Okay, today, March 8h, I'm going to see what I can get done. I have picked up the house a little and I do need to figure out supper for tonight. Patrick said he might be home this afternoon, wonder if he's not feeling good. 

In the meantime, I'm going to be looking forward to bowling tonight and Happy Quilting....

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Quilting is Fun!

I know I posted earlier, but I thought I would try to see if I could post more often.

Today I was able to get the pincushions done that my son's girlfriend made patterns for. They took a little doing but I did get them done. Since my mother called to tell me she was going to church for senior luncheon. That meant I was going to be home all day after all. It worked out to my advantage. I was able to get a couple pieces basted on the friendship block for JoAnn and even finish the pincushions. I also got quite a bit of quilting in while watching NCIS.

We then went bowling tonight and I bowled pretty good at the beginning! Then bombed. I bowled a 200, 168, 149 - we didn't bowl against a team because the other team had to forfeit. Which made it like free bowling and no challenges. I was hoping to get another 622 but that didn't happen. LOL

Now I'm getting caught up and will try and get a good night sleep thinking about how I'll be Happy Quilting...tomorrow!

On Top of It All

Okay, I'm on top of it this week, wonder what else will be new for me this week! Life has gotten busier and that's a good thing for me. I like to just be able to do what I want on any given day. Wonder if that is part of "depression." I tend to be in depression more often than I realize. Yesterday was one of those days too. I was surprised I got there, because I haven't been depressed in over 2 years. At least this time it only lasted about 3 hrs. I just wanted to "freak out," passe and eat. Luckily I didn't go looking for food in the house, so that was a help.

Off track, let's start with Monday. On Monday I woke up, took a walk with the neighbor and then went to play cribbage with him. "He" is a good neighbor that fills in for Ruth when she is gone to Texas or where ever she may go. He is about 78 years old and his wife is a sweetheart. So, we take the short walk when Ruth is gone. The only difference is that when I walk with him, we take the "short" walk and if it's raining, we don't go at all. So, my walking gets cut down when Ruth is away. I really miss her on her trips because we chat a LOT on our walks. Plus she's about the only one I see during the day when I'm at home. I tend to play more then I should on the computer. But it does relax me, most of the time.

After walking, I came home and played on the computer. Then in the afternoon I sat and worked on finishing Emily's pincushions. I have the designs all done, just need to make it into a pincushion - hopefully today. They are not very big pincushions but they are all her designs.

I had this bright idea to make a pudding cake in the crockpot. I did everything right in the recipe EXCEPT the temp. I saw so many recipes that said on LOW that that is what I did. Even after reading it three times I put it on LOW. When the timer goes off, I look and wonder why it wasn't cooked. Then I read the recipe again, and it said HIGH. So, I figured I would put it back on HIGH for another hour. That worked, but not so well, as I didn't turn it off, I left it on HIGH. Ugh. We had it anyway, but I will tell you, no matter what I did on Monday, it wasn't really my day!

I then realized I didn't have a lot of time to quilt, so I pulled out JoAnn's friendship block. I was able to get part of the circle done on that block before we called it a night.

Then yesterday (Tuesday), was another one of those days. I didn't get to go walking or play cribbage with Art. So, I played on the computer getting everyone organized to work on a catering order (not saying the game but you probably know). Around 9:30 my daughter calls, and we are talking on the phone when the door bell rights. Oh, crap - not dressed. Katt tells me not to answer the door, but I do anyway. It was Nancy from our Myron's Girl group, laughing at me. She gave me some fabrics to use for the tea pots that will go to Janet when the block is done. I go back and chat with Katt and laughingly tell her I got lucky, it was a quilter. After the phone call, I go and take my shower, get dressed and the phone rings again. This time it's my mother. They are quilting up at another neighbors house. One of the quilters needs a tan fabric for her bird block. Can I bring it up and stay awhile. I walked up the hill to the neighbors, luckily took the right fabric and stayed. I got the circle completed on the block. I also got two of the firecrackers done on the Liberty Baltimore quilt block. Now, that is more than I have done in a LONG time. I'm happy! Later last night I pulled up the quilt and started quilting some more. 

I should and will TRY to have this area quilted by today! But then what you plan for and what happens are two different things. 

Okay, now that i told you all that, back to my 3 hrs of depression. I received my blood test that I took last week for my cholesterol and it was higher than it has ever been. I went off pills because it caused side effects. So for the past 3 months we tried the krill oil. No such luck. I have been going on and off cholesterol pills for the past 3 years. Now what?!? I have another appointment next week to DISCUSS this. grrr Not only have I been trying pills, I have cut out a LOT of fat, added fruits and veggies in my life that I haven't had in over 10 years! I have even been listening to my son, the vegetarian. So, I closed myself off from everything for 3 hrs. Then I talked myself out of depression and told myself, "I can do this." I started looking around the house for things to do to get me back on track. I decided to cook. And man did I cook! I cooked two different dishes for supper - one for Patrick and one for Phillip and I. EXCEPT Phillip didn't show up for supper last night, so I have left overs. lol

Plus I have the help of Charlie who seems to know when to come up and get attention. lol On top of that, I've been playing with my blog to see what I can add, where I can put it, ect. So, the ad's are there and they help pay for the blog. So, if you click on them, it's less I have to worry about. Best wishes. 

Okay, all is good today, and I'm ready to get back into my crafts. I'm doing a lot more than I was before, and I'm Happy Quilting.........  

Saturday, March 2, 2013

And two weeks later,......

Okay, guess I kept putting off the blogging long enough. Don't know where the week went, but whoosh...there it went.

Things have been going pretty good. I'm actually getting stuff done, but it really doesn't look like I have to me. I still play games, of course.  Haven't heard too much from my daughter. She's going to have guests this week for her Birthday. My parents decided they are going to spend time with her for her Birthday. I was asked to join them but have way too much going on that I can't make is - as much as I would love to go over to Pullman and give her a BIG hug! We will send a care package though.

Okay, on Thursday, I went to the "Haven't Missed a Stitch" quilt group. We talked about the TAS challenge and decided we would pass for this year. The challenges are two years apart. Since we are all working on the friendship blocks it wouldn't work out for us. It was fun to see the blocks coming in that Kathy Wagner asked us to work on. We were all to do the funky chicken (mine is on here). They are so cute! Can't wait to see what she does will all the blocks she's got coming in. The best part is that we are not "pushed" to get them back, and actually have 2 months to get them done.

A couple more block arrived after I took this photo with my camera. But this give you an idea of what's coming in. Mine is the stripped one on top.

I have been quilting quiet a bit lately. I'm really pushing myself to get it done for the April quilt retreat at Seabeck, WA.

I finally got the second corner done. So, I was jumping up and down with joy that I finished it -THINKING it was the third corner and then found out - Dang! - I still have two more to go. But the nice part about that is I had part of the side already done, so I have a smaller area to do than I thought.

This is the corner that took me a while, because I had to take some out and re-quilt it. To look at the quilt, it's really pretty with all that quilting (if I may say so myself), and I'm not real sure I'm comfortable showing it off. This quilt has been my design, my handwork and my joy. 

More of my work.

My son looked at the quilt the other day and said, "That's got to be $2,000 worth of work, mom." My brain was thinking - so do you want me to sell it?? Didn't ask. The good news was around that same time, he told me he got a job working for the State Health Dept. I was thrilled! I wish him all the best - he deserves it. He's worked hard to get where he is and has done most of it on his own. 

My only wonder is - Will my son sell my quilts now?? LOL - Hopefully not, but if he does, all the power to him because Katt won't let him. She'd take every quilt I ever made if she could. I'm hoping for the day when she will get back to quilting. She's very talented. She could come up with some very good patterns as well. 

Now I'm getting a little excited about getting this done! lol

Okay, so in between my quilting, I take my applique long for the ride. I work on what is there to work on. Lately, though, I had more on my plate then I would like. lol

I finished embroidering a "label" for a block that belonged to one of the Thursday quilters. She does so much for us, that I felt I should do it for her. Susy is a sweetie! I took it back to the store for her to pick up when she's in town. 

I also worked on the colors of the next block that belongs to JoAnn. She is doing the blocks from the red circle book. Not sure what the name is. I have it ready to applique but haven't done that. I did cut out the pieces and need to sit my butt down and do it. The next one is a tea pot for Janet, and I need to work on the colors for that one too. If I didn't have to pick the colors, I'd be done by now! lol  

I am behind on getting the cross stitch pincushions done for my son's girlfriend Emily. She gave me the patterns about 3 weeks ago and I just haven't sat done to work on them. I seriously need to do that, and am hoping to do that today. There are three pincushions that I have to do, one is almost done with the cross stitch - they are like an hour of work. Go figure! I can't even do those!! What is wrong with me?! So, tonight I'm doing the three and then I will put the pincushions together. Wish me luck. That way she can sell them on line. 

I'm also helping a neighbor with her first quilt. She has completely different colors than I do, so it will be interesting. I'm not usually in the "fall" colors and when I am, it's the "true" colors not the "dull" or "blah" colors. To me anyway. 

Haven't touched my genealogy in awhile - you can tell I haven't added to my letters. Charlie still has to be in the middle of what I'm working on, and she drives Patrick nuts! He keeps telling me to put "her ass down." I can't, I love having her around when I'm quilting. (Reminder - Charlie is my adopted cat from the neighbors)

Guess that tells you what I'm up to and hopefully by this week a few of them are done. OH! I need to take care of my good friend, Carol, as she is going in for surgery to her hands. I'm going to be here fingers for awhile and I'm going to be her driver. With all the time I'll be with her, I may be able to get some more applique done. I'm hoping! I can work on the friendship blocks and that will be a big help. 

I noticed one of mom and my cousin's blog hasn't been written in for a year now, so I need to email and see what they are up to. Miss the blog not being updated. 

So, in the meantime, I have things to do, places to go, and hope to be Happy Quilting....

BE Meeting And Cross Stitching

This morning was our BFF (BE meeting) day. I was all ready to go. Called Cherry to see if she was going. She was waiting on the guys that do...