Wednesday, March 13, 2013

AS the week goes on

It's been a busy week and I'm not even trying to make it one. But then again, it is quilt group week and it never fails, something always fills in the week. UGH

I was able to finish this area. Since the weekend was busy with me working for my friend, Carol, I still was able to get some quilting done. It's going along, slowly, but it's going along.

This is the finished part. Hard to believe how much quilting is in this quilt. I still want to do another Hawaiian quilt of my own design. I have even been thinking of what I would do differently. The fabrics are in my fabric collection and will be green and white. Is really pretty fabric. Just need to sit down and design the next quilt top. AFTER I finish a few of my UFO's. I have more projects going now then I have had in a long time, but then they ARE the projects I've had for a long time! I'm slowly getting them done, and I've promised myself I would get 2 projects done before I even start 1. Well, I finished 4 in the past year, and only started 1......or 2.....can't remember :-)

Since I have been showing what I have finished, I figured I better show the part that still needs done, so you can see, I have a ways to go. I may end up taking it with me on retreat just to try and get it done. Who knows!

Guess who has already claimed the quilt! She's been on this quilt from day one. When I started appliqueing the quilt to quilting the quilt.

See the look I get when I'm quilting on this? I get this often. LOL

Now I'm working on the fourth side. I will be doing this part first before I head in to the sides. I have two of the corners to work on as well.

While trying to get this quilt done, I have been working on one of the friendship blocks. I have the pieces attached to where they need to go.

I have been baking more. I started a batch of sourdough bread. I've also been working on getting my Cholesterol down. It gets interesting when I want to try to get my weight down and my cholesterol but so far I'm fighting a loosing battle. At times I get nervous about nothing and have to calm myself done. I work on my quilts to calm me down. Weird but I seem to have to have something to do. LOL - most people would love to be alone.

I helped my husband plant 2 blueberry bushes on Saturday. Now I can't wait for them to grow! LOL - Love those blueberries!

So, in the meantime, I'm still Happy Quilting......

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