Wednesday, March 6, 2013

On Top of It All

Okay, I'm on top of it this week, wonder what else will be new for me this week! Life has gotten busier and that's a good thing for me. I like to just be able to do what I want on any given day. Wonder if that is part of "depression." I tend to be in depression more often than I realize. Yesterday was one of those days too. I was surprised I got there, because I haven't been depressed in over 2 years. At least this time it only lasted about 3 hrs. I just wanted to "freak out," passe and eat. Luckily I didn't go looking for food in the house, so that was a help.

Off track, let's start with Monday. On Monday I woke up, took a walk with the neighbor and then went to play cribbage with him. "He" is a good neighbor that fills in for Ruth when she is gone to Texas or where ever she may go. He is about 78 years old and his wife is a sweetheart. So, we take the short walk when Ruth is gone. The only difference is that when I walk with him, we take the "short" walk and if it's raining, we don't go at all. So, my walking gets cut down when Ruth is away. I really miss her on her trips because we chat a LOT on our walks. Plus she's about the only one I see during the day when I'm at home. I tend to play more then I should on the computer. But it does relax me, most of the time.

After walking, I came home and played on the computer. Then in the afternoon I sat and worked on finishing Emily's pincushions. I have the designs all done, just need to make it into a pincushion - hopefully today. They are not very big pincushions but they are all her designs.

I had this bright idea to make a pudding cake in the crockpot. I did everything right in the recipe EXCEPT the temp. I saw so many recipes that said on LOW that that is what I did. Even after reading it three times I put it on LOW. When the timer goes off, I look and wonder why it wasn't cooked. Then I read the recipe again, and it said HIGH. So, I figured I would put it back on HIGH for another hour. That worked, but not so well, as I didn't turn it off, I left it on HIGH. Ugh. We had it anyway, but I will tell you, no matter what I did on Monday, it wasn't really my day!

I then realized I didn't have a lot of time to quilt, so I pulled out JoAnn's friendship block. I was able to get part of the circle done on that block before we called it a night.

Then yesterday (Tuesday), was another one of those days. I didn't get to go walking or play cribbage with Art. So, I played on the computer getting everyone organized to work on a catering order (not saying the game but you probably know). Around 9:30 my daughter calls, and we are talking on the phone when the door bell rights. Oh, crap - not dressed. Katt tells me not to answer the door, but I do anyway. It was Nancy from our Myron's Girl group, laughing at me. She gave me some fabrics to use for the tea pots that will go to Janet when the block is done. I go back and chat with Katt and laughingly tell her I got lucky, it was a quilter. After the phone call, I go and take my shower, get dressed and the phone rings again. This time it's my mother. They are quilting up at another neighbors house. One of the quilters needs a tan fabric for her bird block. Can I bring it up and stay awhile. I walked up the hill to the neighbors, luckily took the right fabric and stayed. I got the circle completed on the block. I also got two of the firecrackers done on the Liberty Baltimore quilt block. Now, that is more than I have done in a LONG time. I'm happy! Later last night I pulled up the quilt and started quilting some more. 

I should and will TRY to have this area quilted by today! But then what you plan for and what happens are two different things. 

Okay, now that i told you all that, back to my 3 hrs of depression. I received my blood test that I took last week for my cholesterol and it was higher than it has ever been. I went off pills because it caused side effects. So for the past 3 months we tried the krill oil. No such luck. I have been going on and off cholesterol pills for the past 3 years. Now what?!? I have another appointment next week to DISCUSS this. grrr Not only have I been trying pills, I have cut out a LOT of fat, added fruits and veggies in my life that I haven't had in over 10 years! I have even been listening to my son, the vegetarian. So, I closed myself off from everything for 3 hrs. Then I talked myself out of depression and told myself, "I can do this." I started looking around the house for things to do to get me back on track. I decided to cook. And man did I cook! I cooked two different dishes for supper - one for Patrick and one for Phillip and I. EXCEPT Phillip didn't show up for supper last night, so I have left overs. lol

Plus I have the help of Charlie who seems to know when to come up and get attention. lol On top of that, I've been playing with my blog to see what I can add, where I can put it, ect. So, the ad's are there and they help pay for the blog. So, if you click on them, it's less I have to worry about. Best wishes. 

Okay, all is good today, and I'm ready to get back into my crafts. I'm doing a lot more than I was before, and I'm Happy Quilting.........  

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