Thursday, June 27, 2013

Keeping on Track

I've been keeping on track. I have been getting a lot of quilting done as well.

I just had to take a photo of my African Violets! They are so pretty this time of year.

It's fun to see how close I can get get to the flower.

Had Patrick take a photo of me with my helper as I quilted. Charlie seems to enjoy sitting in my lap while I quilt. There are times I can't get the hoop around so I can actually get it done.

Patrick didn't get a very good photo with the light coming in the window but you get the idea. Charlie loves her attention.

I've been getting around the flowers and this corner is going a lot easier than I thought. It's also going pretty fast, which is getting me excited about getting it done.

Hopefully I can get the corner done this weekend and start working on the 4th corner.

Yesterday I went with my mother to Ocean Shores to help her out with judging quilts at the WA State Grange Convention. I was surprised to see some quilts that actually made it to State. One gal even submitted a quilt that she bought at the store - one of those made in China. I was so surprised anyone would try and pull a stunt like that. I did enjoy working with the judges. I would have loved to have judged the needlework department, but I haven't been certified to judge any crafts yet. I keep hoping one of these days I would go get certified, but other times think I would probably tick a few people off, because I would actually judge on workmanship and not whether or not I like a quilt. The best part about yesterday was the 4 judges they had were the best ones! They judged on workmanship and not on their own personal choice of color. It's been a long time since I was around judges that actually knew what they were doing. The judges here at the fair go according to what they like and workmanship seems to be lacking on the high winners. Think that's why they have a hard time getting quilts in the fair any more.

My "diet" or "life change" is going well. I've been loosing weight, which is what the doctor wants. I have a lot of questions as to what I can and can not have though. The book he had me buy on Low Carbs, has heavy cream, butter, and a lot of ofter stuff that is high in fat that gets my cholesterol so high. I would love to eat what they have in there, but I don't see where that would help me get my cholesterol down. Loose weight, yea, maybe. Oh, well.

Hopefully this week I can finish the corner, and get started on the last corner, and get back to being Happy Quilting....

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