Sunday, November 17, 2013

Another Week Has Gone By!

I find it interesting how my brain seems to work! I think I will do more on my blog, which I do for awhile, then I'm back to "oops need to work on my blog." Guess I just don't have the organization I need for my brain! I'm organized when it comes to work, but when it comes to anything else, I'm just not there yet. LOL At my age, I don't think I'll ever get there, either.

I visited a friend of mine on Tuesday. We talked more than anything. But I did get to visit with her cat! That cat is called "Misty" and she's a lot of fun. She tries to play with your feet! We sat together for awhile, and it was great.

I also picked up the dolls I got from her garage sale that a neighbor was selling. I brought back 6 of them, and my friend Ruth, whom I walk with in the mornings, bought the other 3.  I asked my daughter if she wanted one, and she said "sorry, no."  I really wanted the one from Alaska, as I lived in Alaska for 3 years. I had a doll that was handmade for me. It was smaller and done in wood with real fur. I loved that doll. Then one day our dog got a hold of it while I was in school and my mother threw it out. I had wondered for year what ever happened to the doll, till we moved my folks and mom finally told me what happened to it.

I have been getting some quilting done. This week, I went to our Thursday quilt group and worked on the two Enigma Star blocks. As I worked on both of them, I found I was missing a piece from both blocks. So, I did what I could, till I could check my box for the missing pieces. I checked for the missing pieces last night and found I had one for the brown block, but I didn't have one of the pink pieces for the purple block. SO, I ended up taking out the purple block I was putting together. I did get a lot done on the brown block. I'll iron what I have done, then put the "9-patch" together to finish up one more block. I really enjoy hand piecing! It is quick and easy to do. I prefer the hand piecing over machine any day.

I really didn't get as much quilting/piecing/applique work done this week as I would have liked. I spent 2 days over at my son's "new" house. We cleaned! I vacuumed up the two bedrooms and cleaned the carpet. The house looked really clean compared to houses we moved into after people left. I wasn't expecting to have to clean the carpet 3 times, but the dirt was still there. I would have done a few more times, but he needed to have them dry to move in. I was surprised at some of the things that needed done. But then a house built in 1934 does need work, when remodeling was done back in the 1950-60. He has hardwood floors in the living room.

So, yesterday was the day my husband, his friend and his fiance's father, helped move him into his house. They must have taken 3 truck loads (2 trucks) to his house. I do believe they have everything they need for that house! We even tried to give them another bed, but they didn't want it. So, all that stuff we saved for him to take, he didn't want. I'm thinking a good garage sale is coming this next year! Daughter already took what she wanted.

While they were moving, I decided to do a chili and homemade rolls.

They were AWESOME! And I wasn't supposed to have them last night, but did anyway!

Now that Phil is in his new house, I'm going to have to cook bread less often, because Patrick can't eat it all!

We drove up to Tacoma yesterday to get another key for the VW we bought for our daughter. They wouldn't do it without the car. So, this week, we will head back up there and get her another car key! Then the following week, we will be off to see her. We are going to make a quick trip out of it. Should be fun, I can't wait to see her again. It's been a year since I've seen her, and I do miss her.

Hopefully, this week will be more productive on the crafts. I have ideas for Christmas bags, and will pick up the Christmas fabric mom doesn't want any more. Then I'll start making bags for Christmas to save on paper.

Till next time, I'm HOPING to be Happy Quilting....

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