Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Joys of Having a Cold!

I'm one of those lucky people that when I get a cold, I really get a cold. It kicks me in the butt and I'm out for a week. That's exactly what happened this time! We bowled Sunday night, got a 213 game out of it, and by Monday started going down hill. Not only did my voice go, but so did my head. I stayed in all week, and by Tuesday I was sleeping 50% of the time. Wednesday came, and then it really hit! My noise started going to the point of wishing I had a plug!

So, as you can tell, I haven't had the chance to do anything - no quilting - no crocheting - no nothing! Driving me crazy and I realized when reading Karen's blog - that if I spent as much time on my crafts as I do on games - I might actually have a few quilts done! 

May you all be Happy Quilting... while I try to get back in the swing of life!! I can't wait to be Happy Quilting!

BE Meeting And Cross Stitching

This morning was our BFF (BE meeting) day. I was all ready to go. Called Cherry to see if she was going. She was waiting on the guys that do...