Thursday, January 30, 2014

Another Great Day!

Another great day was yesterday. I went to my folks house to get my quilts (yes two) ready to bind.

We ended up going to the "Gathering Place" over by where mom and dad live. We put 3 tables together so we could put this Hawaiian quilt down. It still went over the tables.

We measured and decided that we would not cut out a "binding" piece out of this quilt. I'm going to "butt" the front and back together instead. It will not have a "binding but it will be seamed together. I'm okay with that. I will need to mark it as I go, because I have been known to take more than I need and get it going in a wavy pattern, which I don't want with this. Like I told mom, if anyone wants to take a ruler out and measure the difference, then that is their problem, not mine. lol

We have both the sides the same with the top and bottom having a little more room.

I love my border piece.

We also cut off the binding of this Inner City quilt that I finished over 10 years ago. This poor quilt needed attention with the binding. It was falling apart.

At first I was going to hand bind it all the way, but since this is used every day on our bed, and last night I could have used it, I decided to get it done ASAP.

This was the worst area though, the quilting is coming out. The rest of the quilt is fine, but right here. I'll think about re-quilting it again. I'll decided when I hand piece the other side of the binding.

So, today, I thought I would work on my Mystery Quilt that I'm doing on Facebook.

While I was putting my cutting board back after bring it back from mom's, I found this block that needs to be finished. So will try and do that while I'm working on the Mystery Quilt.

I laid the blocks out that I finished, and realized I MADE A MISTAKE.  The 3 1/2" squares where supposed to be in PRINT fabric, not the dark fabric!! So, I'm ripping out the dark squares to replace them with the print fabrics. After 3 hrs downstairs it hit me I was doing it wrong! UGH!

Cut the squares that I need to replace the dark print with. So, my evening is going to be ripping and stitching (ripping the blocks and stitching the binding).

Hope you all have a great day and are Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mystery Quilt - Step 3 and then done!

Miracles do happen sometimes! I was able to get downstairs yesterday and sew. As much as I hate to sew, I was actually enjoying it. I did get tired of cutting the 2" squares, but I got through it. I'm now wondering if I have an extra set or if I need to make another piece. I found the chevrons at the end had two of the same side. So, I need to figure out if I need them or not.

This was my starting point, and I'm happy to say, All those sets that are not sewn together have been done.

Then to step 3 - more cutting.

And even more cutting! OH!! Would you believe AFTER I cut all those chevrons, I found my 3 1/2" ruler??! Never fails, it would have come in handy sooner.

And of course there is the ironing! Soo many pieces had to be ironed. Small, then a little bigger and then the big pieces. I ironed so much I was getting tired of piecing, ironing, piecing, ironing, cutting, piecing, and ironing - and then if it was done wrong, it was ironed first and then - CRAP time to rip! Had to rip more than I can count at times, but yesterday wasn't so bad.

Patrick got home as I was sewing the bigger blocks together. So, I wanted to see what it would look like and if I liked what I saw. Yep, and more Yep! I really like the way this is coming out. I will finish that block on the right, then I will get moving and get the rest of the blocks done so I can piece them all together. I'm happy with the color choices, so I can't complain.

Last night I started on block #33 of Affairs of the Heart. I'm about half way done. Won't be able to work on it tonight as it is bowling night. Hope my hip will do fine. The next block is almost as easy as this one. So, if all goes well I should have all 36 blocks done by the end of next month. I realized I've been working on those blocks for 4 years now. I bought the BOM in November 2010. So, REALLY, it's only 3 years. I'm hoping the border goes faster.

Today will not be a quilting day - unless you count my going over to mom's to get the Hawaiian quilt set for binding. I'm going to take my Inner City quilt too, so I can cut the binding off it and put another one on. The binding is coming off and needs to be replaced. If I can get another quilt done this year, then I'll be sitting pretty with replacing the quilts on the bed that have seen their last days. Then again, it may be the ones replacing what my daughter took with her when she went to Pullman. She has most of my quilts! I couldn't believe she took so many! I have a lot of "replacing" to do.

This year is looking a lot better than last year - with one exception - received bad news yesterday and a dear friend has 6 months to a year. I hate doctors that put a date stamp on your feet, but they did. Now it's in his mind and he's getting ready for it. I think he's been getting ready from day one. - Anyway, on to better things.

Off to being Happy Quilting....

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Let's see if Planning works!

I'm actually planning on going downstairs to work on the quilt today. My plan is to go down there after I post this, but you know how my planning goes.

On Sunday, I actually went down and worked on my Mystery Quilt that is being done on the Just Us Quitlers group on Facebook. Most of them have theirs done, but I'm not quiet as fast as they are. This is an awesome group. All kinds of wonderful things are showing up there.

This was my "starting" point.

I figured it was easier to put the pieces I needed to sew on the machine in order, on a 3" x 24" ruler, and take it to the sewing machine. Saved me time and was easier to see what I was doing. I did this several times while going from the cutting table to the sewing machine. At least I get good exercise doing that.

I was so THRILLED to finally get all the chevrons done! I hated cutting so much stuff!! I get bored way to easily when it comes to cutting pieces over and over and over and over again.

Now I just need to cut the 2" and 2 1/2" squares to finish up the triangles for the flower piece. I have a lot of them already done, but now I'm getting to the last few pieces, and hopefully today I can get them all done! I'm liking what I'm doing, so no complaints so far. It's coming together.

When I had a break between cutting for the quilt, I pulled some of the scraps out of the container and got a few more squares to go with the other scraps. I'm adding more to my stash. I've got a lot of organizing to do, and still working on it, but can do it between projects. I've got a pile that needs to be put on the boards, and I'm going to try and get some more done today too. (Did you read that? - TRY word??)

This is where we went for Patrick's Birthday - Spaghetti Factory in Tacoma. Was a little disappointed, prices are up and the taste isn't as good as it used to be. But we did have a great time.

Okay, going to close this, want to get a few games done, and head downstairs and get some quilt projects done! - Hope you do the same - and Happy Quilting!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Keep Hoping!

The last few days haven't gotten me very far quilt related.

Thursday we had our Haven't Missed a Stitch group and I was able to get a little more done on the Affairs of the Heart block #32. I didn't like the way I had started it, but I decided to just get it done. I'm not happy with it, but I can live with it, and most people won't know what was bothering me anyway.

I finished the last heart, now I need to do the embroidery. I pulled out the tracing paper with the next pattern on it so I can get working on the next one.

I'm still looking for the binding of the Hawaiian quilt. Chances are I'll find it AFTER I figure out what to do. I was supposed to go to mom's on Friday, but wasn't feeling well, so I made another date for Wednesday. I'm hoping we can use the tables at the "Gathering Place" where they live and be able to cut the edge for the binding. I'm going to do it all by hand. I hate putting the binding on by the sewing machine, it ALWAYS buckles.

In looking for the binding, I found another container that with scraps. Beats me why I had another buckets, but it's okay, because I can use it for the scraps I'm cutting up.

There isn't enough in here to worry about, so I'm going to cut it as I work on the Mystery quilt that I'm doing with "Just Us Quilters" on Facebook.

I'm planning on spend some time today working on the Mystery Quilt and if I get bored cutting and sewing on the machine, I'll get back to quilting on the quilt that is on that frame downstairs. Mom asked why I don't just take it off the frame and finish it in the hoop, which I though about. Trouble is, if I do that, half is done, but the other half is not basted. I wouldn't be comfortable doing that, as the tension would be different, and I would like to just stay with what I'm doing.

I'm finally to the middle of it, so if I can get myself to go down and quilt for a couple hours a day, it could get done faster. I'm going to try and set myself up to do that.

I'm going to mom's on Wednesday, have a doctors appointment tomorrow to check on my hip and back. We'll see how I do making myself spend two hours a day quilting. I'll keep you posted on that! lol

In the meantime, I'm hoping to be Happy Quilting!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Guess you heard - Seahawks won!

The last couple days have been busy. I finished my Hawaiian quilt and need to bind it then quilt some more. I put it on the bed today, so you can get an idea of what it looks like.


This is on my queen size bed. I'm going to get working on getting the bind done. Have you ever had a one of those days where you put something away, and then you can't find it?? Well, bright eyes here, did just that. I HAD the binding strip done, ready for when the quilt got done. I put it away - SOMEWHERE SAFE - and guess what??!! I couldn't find it!! I went through every box - oh, and guess what else I found??!! - more projects!! Anyway, went through every cabinet down there, every place I might have thought would be "safe" to keep the binding. NO SUCH LUCK. Can't find the binding. So, now I have another fabric that is close but not really close enough for the binding. I also have the option to cut off some of the border to be able to have enough for the binding. I'm not happy. I'm to the point where I want to cry! I can't find that binding for the life of me. Even looked again today!

Okay, anyway, my friend came over today and I was able to get some applique done. When I found a quilt pattern I want to do (with the fabric I got in NC), I decided I better finish up the Affairs of the Heart quilt.

I added the center circle, one of the light colored hearts and now working on the outer hearts. I also got the red flower piece on the Liberty quilt block - and need to add the center circles. Then that block will be done. I'm slowly getting there.

I'm hoping to get downstairs to work on that quilt and hopefully it will be getting closer to being done.

Wishing you all well, and Happy Quilting!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Time for a Break - Seahawk Game! -

I am taking a break today with the piecing and going to watch the Seahawk game today. I've actually been busy the last couple days, so will fill you in.

This is where I was by Friday. I went to my Friday group "Myron's Girls" and finished this up. I also started quilting in one of the two areas that needs to be finished.

By Friday night, it was also done, and I'm working on the last area like this one. I have about 4 echos to do, and then the quilt is even closer to being done. I need to go around the edge of the quilt on the border. Once I get the echo around at least once, I'll cut the sides and bind it. I'm getting excited now. It will actually be finished, hopefully by the end of the month.

I've been working on the mystery quilt that they have on "Just Us Quilters" group on Facebook. I love seeing what everyone is up to. Plus this was started about the time I joined them and I decided I would try it out since I was going through my fabrics.

About this time, I realized I didn't do all the steps in Step 1, so had to go back and do couple more blocks. That was fine with me, as they hadn't given out the last Step yet. I'm still working on Step 2, but yesterday I noticed quite a few of them had the quilt done. I like the pattern. BUT I'm still on Step 2, so it's going to be this week before I get done.

I have to cut my chevrons to the right size, and it's boring to me. I did get some cut, but still have a stack waiting for me. I also have to cut my half triangles to size. WAY too much cutting!

Today I cut more triangles to sew up, and got a few of them done - again, had to cut out strips to get these ready to sew. Wish they had an easier way of doing it without so much cutting! (and sewing)

Was sewing them as I cut them, that way I wouldn't get too tired of one over the other! lol

Of course, I had to rip as well. I'm happy that my sewing is getting better, my points are matching up great so far. With the exception of the ones I rip apart!

So, as I close this, I have to trim these down to size! I was getting closer to having these done, but not so lucky.

Here is what is done, as you can see, not a lot, but the bigger pieces are starting to get done. I'm liking the colors. It's looking pretty good so far.

Okay, game starting and I'm going to sit here watching the game and be Happy Quilting!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy.

I'm keeping busy lately. I've been spending the day downstairs in my quilt room and getting work done. Even I'm surprised at how much I want to go down there and work on stuff.

I started out with these pieces done today. I started working on the next Step to the Mystery Quilt (MQ).

I started cutting the chevron pieces that I needed. I had to cut 48 pieces for both the right and reversed sides. I was able to cut them out of strips. I didn't like the pattern that was given to us to cut the chevrons, WAY TOO MANY squares to cut. I liked the strip method and it was way less waste of fabric then the way the had on the Step.

The more I worked on it, I realized I missed a step in Step 1. I didn't make the other 12 blocks that I was supposed to. So, I cut the strips and got the blocks done. I wasn't too happy to find out I wasted fabric with the stripping when I only needed to cut 2 - 2" pieces off the strip. I could have stripped the fabric with about 12" each and it wouldn't have wasted so much fabric. Hopefully I can use the strip in something else in this quilt.

I then had to cut the 2 3/8" blocks, but I decided to do them as 2 1/2" blocks and then do the triangles. That worked out a lot better for me. I'm always 1/8 to 1/4" off when it comes to squaring things up - and it's not to the good! No matter how much extra I cut, I'm always that much off.

The bottom block is the one I missed in the first step. I'm having to cut the squares to size and the chevrons to 3 1/2" x 2".  It's pretty so far, and I can't wait to see how this turns out. That's the whole point in a mystery. This is the first time in a very long time, that I've been interested in doing any kind of piecing. I liked what some of the others were doing, and since I had the fabric, figured it would be fun to do!

Think Charlie was hoping I'd work on my quilt today. I'm going to do that in about an hour for awhile.

I finally got to this point where I can continue around without having to change the hoop. I should get this pretty close to being done if not done tonight. If not, I'm going to take it to quilting tomorrow, as I really do want to get this quilt done.

I've been chatting with my mother, asking her if she would like to do an applique mystery quilt or BOM with me. I may post it in the members only page on Facebook for TAS, or I may do it on here. I think it would be fun to design one. Mom and I designed a quilt for the Quilt Guild here in the area one year. I think we can do an awesome one. We want to do something different then a traditional 12 block quilt. Maybe do bigger blocks. We're still in the thinking process, but I think we can do this.

With Charlie on my arm, I'm have to give up the typing. So, I hope everyone is doing well and Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Working on a Quilt!

I know, I know, another project I don't need. But this is a mystery quilt that is fun! I decided today to go ahead and do the PIECED Mystery Quilt that is going on in the "Just for Quilters" group on Facebook. I know, right, I have enough stuff to do, but for some reason I was in the mood for this one.

First things first. Cutting fabric into strips.

That wasn't that hard. It actually went better than I remembered! lol

Next I had to cut the strips into pieces. This was easy enough. Boring after a while, but something I can do! I was doing really well. I was surprised at how well I was cutting the fabrics.

Here are some of the pieces that I did get done. Ticks me off though. No matter how many times I cut it right, measure it after sewing the strips, I'm ALWAYS 1/4" off. Not to the good - but short!! I can cut it bigger, sew it up and I'm still off. I move my needle over so that the seam allowance is "smaller" and yet, I'm still off. Now I remember why I hate to use the sewing machine. Now I know why I like to hand piece instead of machine piecing.

At least I can use the 1/4" foot and move the needle to where it works. My quilt may be a couple inches off when it's done, but I'm not going to let it bother me. No one will know but me (and you - since your reading this). 

After a few hours of doing this, I had to rip out three blocks because I put them in the wrong direction. At that point I decided it was time to call it a day. 

So, my table is not cleaned up, but then I can go back and work on it tomorrow and not worry about anything getting in the way. I'll clean it up when I'm done with what I need to do. 

Last night I was able to get to this point with the quilting. I'm about a row or two away from having all that needs to be quilted in the hoop area and then I can just keep going without taking the hoop apart and putting it back together.  Charlie is enjoying my quilt right now. 

The good news is, I didn't play games much on the computer today. I actually was having fun working on this quilt. I'm not sure how big it will be, but I'm having fun working on it. 

So, tonight I'm going to be Happy Quilting!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Pretty Good Year so far!

This year is turning out to be a pretty good year. Maybe eating all those black eyed peas helped on New Years Day!

My helper! I took the weekend and not only played games on the computer, but also got in a lot of quilting. Thursday last week I worked on the butterfly top. Friday night I quilted on the Hawaiian as well as Saturday. Sunday was bowling, and I actually spent most of the day on the computer. I was checking sites for flat head pins. Just not ready to spend the money for shipping yet.

I started working on this area on Friday. I wanted to get all the purple leaves and flowers done. Which I'm happy to say, I did.

Saturday I worked on the white area, which I'm quilting in purple thread.

As I stated before, there is no rhyme or reason to my quilting. I love to quilt, so I just keep going around, sometimes closer than other times.

And every time I try to quilt, I have a visitor. She just doesn't like me working on my computer or quilting without being in my lap. She's getting miffed at me for not letting her on top of what I'm working on.

So the good news is I'm getting to the white area that will fit in the hoop. Once I get to that point I'll be moving a lot faster and getting this done. I'm getting excited about finishing this. Once I get all the echoing done, I can go around the border and then I can bind it. I've even been thinking of going downstairs and work on the other quilt I have on the frame.  I'm just so frustrated with the way it was put together, that I'm having a hard time getting past that to finishing the quilt.

One of the quilters in my Thursday group was talking about a group on Facebook that is for just quilters. No advertising, no selling, etc. I decided to join it to see about connecting with other quilters. WELL, I found they have a Mystery Quilt going on. Now, remember, I'm not a sewing machine kinda gal. This mystery quilt is done by piecing on the machine. Okay, I can do this.....SO GUESS what I did!! I went downstairs to find fabrics that I could use for this quilt. AS IF I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH STUFF TO DO!! So, yep, I found the fabric I want to use. Now I just need to work on the first two steps they have to work on. The fun is that we all can share what we are doing with the steps. Not sure how big the quilt will be, but I'm game to try it out.

Today I had a doctors appoint, then played cribbage with my neighbor who's wife seems to spend more time with their great grandchildren then with each other. My walking partner is in Texas till Thursday. Anyway, I had a busier day then I thought I would! It was pretty good though. Now I'm going to spend the evening quilting. Hopefully I'll get that much closer and this quilt will be one of my "done" projects this year. Then I can go and quilt on the Butterfly quilt downstairs on the frame. I may need to get another quilt basted so I can quilt in the hoop again. 

I'm Happy Quilting......

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