Saturday, September 27, 2014

60th Anniversary

I should have posted this two days ago -

60 Years Together!

My parents, Myron and Shirley Taylor celebrated their 60th Anniversary on Sept 25, 2014. They took a cruise to Alaska for their anniversary gift to each other. Even though mom got sick on the cruise. My parents were married in West Seattle on September 25, 1954. Nine months later my older brother, Christopher was born. At the time they were married my father returned from Tripoli, Lybia serving the USAF. He returned to be stationed in Seattle. They then moved to Bend, OR. There they gave birth to a daughter, Penny, who died at birth. A year later, back in Seattle, I was born. My father didn't see me till I was 3 1/2 months old. We had moved to Germany at that time, being the last flight to Germany for military dependents. After Germany we moved to Ft. Meade, MD where my younger brother, Patrick was born. 

We as a family traveled the world. We lived in Seattle for a short time when my father was stationed at St Lawrence Island, Alaska. When he returned after a year, we moved to Japan, Germany, Turkey and lastly Ft. Meade, MD. Christopher graduated from Augsburg, Germany, I graduated from Ft. Meade, MD, and Patrick from Centralia, WA. 

Both my brother have served in the USAF, with Christopher serving 9 years, and Patrick retiring as a full Bird Col. 

My parents retired from the USAF, returning to WA State. Mom's Uncle Maurice gave them 5 acres off Zenkner Valley in Centralia to live by him. At the time, my grandmother (mom's mom) and grandmother where living an had a trailer on the property. Mom cared for her mother till her death in 1987. They lived 34 years on the "farm" at Zenkner Valley. They recently moved into town at a retirement community, Still waters Estates. 

My mother is still Happy Quilting!

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