Thursday, September 18, 2014

Catch Up Time

Yesterday was busy, and time went by that I didn't realize till this morning I hadn't posted what was going on. 

So, your getting two days in one today. Yesterday was my day for physical therapy and that went really well. I was thrilled things are working out. Afterwards I stayed at mom's house. We had a good visit. Mom and dad talked about family on my dad's side. I learned more about that family then I realized. The shame of it all is that most of my grandmother's siblings were alcoholics. Grandmother wasn't a drinker, and she seemed to be one of the only ones. Her father was a mean drunk, so I'm surprised out of 11 children only one or two where not alcoholics. 

While at mom's, we were looking for her templates for hand quilting. We picked out a couple of them for Judie's quilt. I decided to take a few photos of what she's working on. 

This is one of the blocks she's working on - P3 Designs. This is one of the BOM's. Love the colors mom's using for this quilt. She's gotten 4 of the blocks done so far. Should have taken those photos too. 

This is the tea cup quilt that she's got all the group working on. She's only gotten half of them back. One of the gals said she can't find the block, so she didn't get one. We all know she did get one. 

After coming home, I worked on my cross stitch. It's coming along nicely. AND then it was bowling night. I went thinking I would give it one more day, but that didn't work. One of our partners didn't show up, so I had to bowl. Hate having two members missing from a team. So, I used a "house ball" and bowled a 170, 180, and 169. Not bad for using a house ball. My ball was here at the house. I'll be bowling Sunday night for the first time on that league. 

Today I started out getting up early. I did laundry, cleaned up the kitchen, and took care of my Secretary duties for our community water. Afterwards went to meet a friend of mine for lunch. We had lunch with her daughter as well. It was great seeing them. We spend a good 1 1/2 hrs visiting. 

Mom called and asked if we were going to start quilting on Judies quilt tomorrow. I needed to fix it before we started. I cut the extra sheet off the quilt side. I needed it to add to the top of the quilt, since I missed the size. I was 3" off! I couldn't believe it. AND I even took all the seams out of the King Size quilt. 

Here you can see how much I was off. 

While I was out of it, I decided to go ahead and cut the extra off the other side as well. 

Sorry about the color! Just realized it came out yellow. Anyway, This is were I was sewing the end of the backing. Now I have enough fabric for the top of the quilt. I HATE piecing the back of the quilt, but under the circumstances, I'll take it. I didn't realize I made it that dang big!!

I even folded some of my bigger fabrics and found I have more room then I had before! Plus I found a couple pieces of fabric I forgot about and really not crazy about. Now I'll think about what to do with those. UGH

Now I can say I'm back to being Happy Quilting!

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