Monday, September 22, 2014

On A Roll!

Today was a good day. Mom had said she would come over today, so I called to make sure she was coming. Guess I got her on a bad day, but she was still coming. She had her Bible Study group and would come after lunch. I said that would be good. She couldn't find the stencil we picked for the sashing of the quilt. Said she searched everywhere for them. Guess we will have to think of something else. We had two stencils that would work great.

I actually started out this morning working on the block I worked on yesterday. Got a lot done actually. Was surprised my finger didn't have any "issues" and it went great. I did hit my finger and boy, I'll tell you, that did smart!

This is what I had done yesterday. Got a lot more done since then.

Mom and I spend 3 1/2 hours quilting. I've got the two blocks going. Had to move to the end of the quilt because of the way were were quilting. She had one end of the quilt and I had the other. The chairs were quiet a bit apart, so I just moved down to the end of the quilt next to the one I started. Since the basting threads are so tight and the quilt is basted so well, its okay to skip around and quilt on the quilt. I wouldn't recommend it, but it can be done.

Was trying to get the quilt to lay flat on the chair, but it wasn't have it. So, took a photo anyway, You can see how much I've gotten done. Mom got about 1/2 a block done on her end. She didn't like the fabric we were quilting through, plus she had to get a chair in front of her to help her quilt. The fabric at times is "tight" because of the seams, and I'm quilting close around the edges, so it makes it that much more to quilt through I think it will look great once it's done.

This morning I let Charlie in the house, and noticed she was checking the quilt out, but though nothing of it. Then I couldn't find her. So I went through the house looking all over for her. I checked the closets and checked under the bed. No Charlie. The next thing I notice is that the quilt is moving. Freaked me out! Then she popped out of the quilt! She went and ate, drank and then went right back into the piled quilt! She did leave before mom arrived. So while mom and I were quilting, she was outside.

Even though I'm dealing with my finger, I'm happy to report, I'm Happy Quilting!

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