Sunday, September 21, 2014

Quilting Day!!

Awesome day! I was able to do a little quilting!! I'm so happy!

Today started out slowly, got up early and played games, then I went back to sleep on the coach, since Patrick took over the bed. lol

While sitting and watching the Seahawks game, I pulled out mom's quilt and started getting work on quilting it. I didn't get a lot done because my finger wasn't quiet ready to do quilting yet. So, I'm doing what I can, then I go a pick it up again and do more.

The quilting is going to be "simple" because the pattern itself is busy. So, this is a basic quilted quilt. I would love to do more, but it would be over-powering if I did. Mom is coming over tomorrow to help work on it. Most of the block itself is outlined, and will go really fast. I got all this done in about 1 hour. I've done another wing since I took this photo.

I always love the back. I seem to do better with the back then front. This is gold quilt thread on black. It really "pops" in the back. This way you can see what I'm doing. I will outline the whole block, then the sashing will have a flower with some curved pattern. We will probably have one or two of the sashings done by then.

While I was taking a break from quilting...

I was able to get more done on the cross stitch. I'm really liking how this is coming along! It's so pretty. Have a lot more to do, but will work on it while taking breaks from quilting. I'm hoping I can get my Hawaiian done as well. Today's weather wasn't bad, so I could get quilting done on my lap.

Tonight is bowling, and that's another reason I didn't keep going with the quilt. I need to use my finger while bowling and don't want to push my luck.

As you can see, it's great to be Happy Quilting!

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