Monday, September 29, 2014

Think I'm off my Mark

It looks like I'm slipping again with postings. I need to keep paying attention. lol Think when I started back up with bowling, I got off on posting.

So, over the last few days, I've been busy. Weekends are getting to be a pain in the rear though. Patrick comes up with things to do, and before I know it, we've been going, going, and then the weekend is over. I loved those old weekends when I could just sit around and enjoyed the weekends, but not anymore. We went to the movies on Sunday. Saw "The Box Trolls." I was a little disappointed, it was "okay."

As for what I've been doing,

This is the work I have done on the Brazilian Embroidery. I had this much done at the class, but I added the last couple stems today at the doctors. I've gotten two flowers done and working on finishing the last one up. I'll take another photo when I'm done. 

Yesterday, Patrick picked all the grapes in the yard. We had a full bucket before I took this photo. You can see the pot on the other side. We cooked the grapes as Patrick loves his grape juice. So, we ended up with 2 gallon jugs full. 

We had both the green and purple grapes. The purples have seeds, but that didn't bother Patrick as he strained it for the juice. 

Today, I was working on this block. I need to pull the basting threads off. It's coming along slowly, partly because I seem to find a lot of things to do in the day, and I don't sit down and quilt. If I could just sit and quilt, I would be a LOT farther along with all my stuff. 

I tend to like the back. I love the way my backs come out. This is a great "gold" color of thread that make it "pop" on the back. I still haven't come up with a pattern for the borders yet, but that will come. I found I really don't like starting the quilting on the outside of the quilt. I found where the basting "buckled" and I'm hoping a great deal that that doesn't happen when I get to the middle. of the quilt. 

Had doctors appointment today, and had to schedule more appointments - ugh. Hate physicals, but thrilled the rules have changed a little. 

Time to get my exercising in. Plus I need to post the group information on that blog. May live we awesome for you, and may you be Happy Quilting!

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