Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Day With My Group - Haven't Missed a Stitch

Today was our groups potluck. I woke early and called and canceled my time playing cribbage. I then got a few things ready for the potluck, having to stop at the dollar store to get cups, napkins, and paper (which I forgot).

I arrived earlier than anyone else. Got the tables ready for the potluck. Members started showing up. We went through the process of eating and going through the "give a ways."

Funny how our group has been leaving right after lunch or before 1 pm anymore. Not sure why they all leave before 1 anymore. We used to stay at the shop till 2:30, 3:00, or 3:30 pm. Now they all disappear by 1pm. Guess life is getting in the way. I stayed with Joyce till about 2:45 pm working on my basket blocks.

I finished this block while chatting with Joyce at the shop. I also started working on another block.

When I got home, did the usual of starting supper, "creamed shells," which Patrick likes. I then had to go get the stuff together for going to see my cousin tomorrow. I really need to go get the photo of her grandfather I have and take it to her.

I love how quick the baskets are. I hope to be able to get more basted leaves and flowers on some of the baskets I've got done. The flowers are a little more work, but I'm actually enjoying working on these. This weekend I will try and check my stuff downstairs to see what I need to work on and get done. I think I'm getting caught up on some of my "in progress" projects. I am looking forward to starting another project that I have the fabric for, and may take that with me to the retreat to sew the background fabrics together.

My mind is going in several directions..and that direction too....I have quilts I need to quilt....I have applique that I can take with me.....I need to get started on quilting....No, I need to finish the quilt downstairs and Phil's quilt.....Okay, have more to do than I thought......Here we go again.

Yep, I'm going crazy again....But hey! I'm still Happy Quilting!

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