Thursday, March 19, 2015

A "Not Planned Day"

Today was one of those days, it was a good thing I didn't plan it. I started itching last night and through the morning. When I woke up and showered I saw a wonderful rash going. So, I made an appointment to the doctors, and I have an infection. It's not the prettiest infection, and it is contagious, so I'm staying home for a few days. I went to my appointment at 10 am and would you believe I didn't see the doctor till about 11:15. Not my best day, but I behaved and was calm. I could have throw a fit, but I decided I better not, and would just play on my phone. The worst part about all this - no clue where I picked it up!! No one I know has it, but I had to have be around someone who had it. UGH, UGH, UGH!

So, feeling sorry for myself, I played games. I'm not at the point of - "suck it up and clear it up." Lets get this over with and let me move on! Hopefully tomorrow I will be in a better mind set and be back to being Happy Quilting!

Day For A Movie

Today we were woken by Sophie. She wanted us up. lol I enjoyed some time with Sophie while Patrick slept. I added some dirt to the plant I...