Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Working Day

Mom said she was on her way. She was here earlier than I expected (not complaining). We talked about doing the basting downstairs on my counter. The best part is the counter is just the right height for both of us.

We went downstairs (thanks to Patrick for getting the fireplace going) and got the baby quilt all set and ready to baste. I pulled out my long needle and even got moms needle out that she brought. We pinned, threaded, and got started. Of course those wonderful needles are sharp and I poked my thumb. Blood decided to come out, and I kept trying to get it to stop. No such luck (and yes, I did get some blood in the corner of the quilt top!). I went upstairs to get a band-aide and washed my hand. As I was getting the band-aide ready, it quit bleeding. Yep, it quilt! So, half way through the band-aide I decided not to put it on after all. I don't think I have made it through basting a quilt without bleeding a little. :-)

After mom left, I decided to pull out some fabrics to work on the Kleenex tissue covers.

Decided to use up the fabrics that I had very little of or ones I'm not that crazy about.

I made 7 of them.

This fabric is one of my favorites. I liked the way they turned out. I only had a little bit of this fabric, and figured I'd use it. I did find that I was thinking backwards (thank you, dyslexia!) and had to rethink how they went together. I'm getting there. I'm hoping to have 30 done by the next visit to the quilt shop. That way I can give them to Evelyna and she can get the Kleenex for them. I am more thrilled it's a way to get rid of scraps. I still need to work on the bookmarks. I'll do that as well. Not sure when Rose and I will get back together.

Rose did call today and ask if she left her rotary cutter. She didn't bring it. She was lost! As we were chatting with her of where or what she did with it, she found it. I had to laugh.

I didn't get to play as much today as I usually do - and that's a good thing. I have been able to get more done. I need to finish the table runner (hopefully tonight) and then get back to the afghan for my nephew so we can mail both the quilt and afghan together. Knowing mom, she'll have that quilt quilted in a couple days, and she'll be waiting on me. UGH - Hate it when she's waiting on me.

Life is good, things are moving along, and I can't wait for the 16th to get here! In the meantime, we all can be Happy Quilting!


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