Friday, March 27, 2015

An Awesome Day With Friends

Today I did go and play cribbage. I won all three games and even skunked Art. It was awesome!

Then I came home and got ready for going to my cousins place to work on projects. I took along the light box I borrowed from mom and my freezer paper to show the two different ways to do applique.
I got my fabric together and figured I was good to go. Got over to Donna's (3rd cousin) and got my stuff out to work on. Right after I arrived, Rita arrived. We chatted for a little bit before getting started. As Donna and I were talking about the eagle patterns we were going to use for the blocks she gave me, she realized in moving things around she couldn't find her patterns. These are the Jeannie Austin patterns that I got from Jeannie. I knew I had my set, so I decided to come home and get my patterns. That way she could make another copy.......Well......that didn't happen. I came home (thankfully she's not that far away), and COULDN'T FIND THEM! I looked all over. I don't know what I did with the patterns! My brain is trying to figure out what I did with the patterns. They were rolled up! What in the world did I do with them?? So, I headed back to her house, and we all laughed at how I couldn't find my patterns any more than she could. We are both bothered by not having our patterns! UGH!

So, we worked on another eagle pattern she had in one of her books. We both were thinking about where we could have put our patterns! Anyway, I showed Rita the back basting method to work on her quilt blocks. She was so thrilled she was able to finish a block in no time! It was a really cute pattern too. Donna and I worked on the freezer paper method with the eagle. I like to use freezer paper for larger projects and pieces.

Donna picked out some awesome colors! I love the colors we are working with. She is doing one just like this one. She did an awesome job with her block for doing it the first time. One wouldn't know she was learning. This will get her to enjoy applique without being afraid of doing it.

The head of the eagle is red, the wings are bright blue, with the another blue for the tail and gold for the shield. I'm thinking this will go fast. I will probably have it done before going to dad's surgery on Tuesday, but if not, I will take it along to work on while I'm there with the family.

We had a great time together. I don't think I've enjoyed myself more than I did today. I was thinking about my two applique groups and what we did today. Today, I actually talked with Donna and Rita and didn't feel as if they weren't interested in what I had to say. My Thursday group seem to ignore me unless I get their attention by asking for it, and even then there are two or three that keep talking while I'm trying to tell everyone what is going on. I'm used to that, so no worries. That's why I tend to sit back and listen to conversations, because I found most people don't really want to know what I have to say. They just ask to be nice most times. There are a few friends I know that aren't that way, but even mom's Friday group are like that. Since I'm mom's daughter, if I say something they don't like, it gets uncomfortable. Everyone has their opinions, and I try hard not to judge, but I find in today's world people judge. Oh, well, that's life.

I had the best time today. We laughed and we TRIED to figure out what in the world we could have done with our patterns. Can one tell, I'm really, really, still thinking about what in the world I did. lol My mind keeps thinking of possibilities of where they are. I may end up finishing typing and go down to see if I missed something today.....ugh.

It was an Awesome day of Happy Quilting!

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