Thursday, March 12, 2015

Another Awesome Day!

Life is good. I can't complain. I'm doing better than a lot of people my age and I can't complain even with this shoulder. Waiting to see when dad goes in for surgery is tough, but I'm okay with it so far. Dad's taking it well, so I can't complain. He always said when the time comes we'll all know it. He almost said last night, "if it wasn't for Shirley...." and I wondered how he would have finished that. I almost think it was in the way of giving up. He laughs and keeps asking mom to quiet telling everyone about his health. He's my rock more times than I can admit. So, I'm thrilled for every day I have him. If all goes well, I'll be thrilled to have him even longer.

Today I played cribbage, and then came home to get ready for my meeting at the quilt shop. I THOUGHT I had everything ready to go. Oh, no, not so lucky! I left my scissors behind! I had everything else, but no scissors! I need to wrap them around my neck to remember them!! I always hate to ask to use someone else's scissors! It was awesome of Deanna to let me use her scissors.

While I was there I was able to work on this block. This is the one for the next meeting we have. It's going up in the "drawing." I get a kick out of Joyce, she's made 4 blocks so far because she really, really wants to win the blocks. lol Me, I've been done one, and this is it, but I would love to win these blocks. They are really cute. One of them has "bling" on it, and wouldn't be a good one for washing.

I got home and fixed up the veggies for supper. After I got everything done and ready to fix supper, I sat down and worked on the baby afghan. I'm getting there. My shoulder is letting me work on it for awhile. I may have it done in time. Mom's quilt is coming along great. I won't doubt it that she'll have it done by the weekend.

I'm really pleased with all I've been getting done. The best part is that I haven't been playing games as much! I still play games, but I'm enjoying quilting too much to play all day. lol

I bought some fat quarters that will go with the scrap baskets that I'm doing from P3 Designs. I can't wait to get moving on those blocks to get caught up.

I got a few more 5" squares in the black and white theme. Joyce cut me some more 5" squares that she had. I've got a few more to cut and then there should be plenty for Katt to have that quilt she wants. I'll have here show me what she wants me to do with the blocks and then while I'm at Retreat in May, I'll sew them together. It will be nice to have them done. I may have plenty of squares for two quilts! Time will tell. I have more to cut.

Speaking of scraps, one of the gals at our meeting brought me a bag of scraps. She said I was looking for scraps. I probably was, so I ended up with most of them. I had the group go through them and take what they wanted. I will take them to the group tomorrow and what is left, I'll cut into squares. I'll take them back to the group for them to go through again and then I'll put the rest with all my squares of all sizes. It's going to be a pain in the rear to do all that work, but I'll do it. I may even find a few for flower fabrics.

Another Awesome Day and I'm still Happy Quilting!

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