Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Day at the Casino

I spent the day at the casino with my neighbor, because he can't see out of one eye, and can't drive long distances. We arrived at the casino early and stayed till about 1 pm. My neighbor gives me money to play, and I did pretty good till about 11 am. Then the money was gone. lol I played keno and won the money I put into it. That was my big win. lol

When I got home, I put the chicken in the oven. I played a few games for a short time, and then got ready for supper. Dad came over since mom is at Seabeck.

I did get some applique in - but not much.

I started appliqueing down the first blocks basket.

Last night I did get another 6 rows on the afghan. After a while my shoulder didn't like the workout. So, I called it good. I'm hoping to get more done tonight and tomorrow. Hopefully I will have something to post worth reading.

Happy Quilting.

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