Friday, March 20, 2015

Friendship Blocks Done

Today was a pretty good day. I washed a few things. I even re-potted a few plants in the house.

I killed a few off over the winter. lol - Part of that is my fault and the other is the lighting in the room I had them in.

I like these plants, so I decided to put this one in the cup and let it start all over again.

While I was chatting with my cousin and roomy for the retreat, I sent her this photo telling her she was getting them for the Quilts of Valor quilts. I can't decide what to do with them, and really don't want one next to the other - type of a - quilt. So, I decided I would give them to her and we can figure out what to do with them for QOV quilts.

I've had this fabric FOREVER and have decided I would make a QOV quilt out of them as well. I'll take it over to her place next week and we can talk about what we will do with them. I do want to do a quilt for my neighbor and my father, so I will make a few extra tops to make up for the ones I want to give away.

I told her to keep the little scraps of red and blue for me. She said she has been. lol  I'm hoping to get them so I can start working on this block. I think the scraps she has will be perfect for the fire crackers in this block. This is another one of P3 Design quilts.

While I was trying to remember where I put that pattern, I was checking out my other projects. It didn't take long for me to get bored down there, and I came upstairs to vacuum. lol

I pulled out my blocks to work with and I'm thrilled to say, I'm done.

This one goes to Betty. And I'm so glad to have it done.

This one is for my Thursday group, and I've got a few days to spare. I'm thrilled it's finally done! I have been having some trouble figuring out what to do for our block. Now that I have, I'm not sure if I really like it or not.

Now I can get back to my projects. I'm hoping to get moving on the baskets, and try to get up to the currant blocks. I also want to work with my cousin on getting an eagle block done for the QOV. I'm going to teach her how to do applique. I need to borrow mom's light box and I'll take freezer paper with me as well. I'll teach her both methods. She'll have fun, I hope! lol

I haven't been working on the afghan, but will try and get working on that this weekend. I need to get it done by the first part of the month. The baby is due at the end of the month - a day before my grandmother's birthday. I would be awesome if she arrives on grandma Taylor's birthday. What are the odds?!

I was checking out some of my books.

And found a couple that I liked. I did find a few blocks that are named differently now. I did the Enigma Star and found that it was named something completely different years ago. This block looks easy and I'm thinking of doing it for QOV blocks. It looks simple enough. Like starting a log cabin or a step to the chapel block. Of course, looks good on paper, just didn't get far with that either. Looking isn't  I seem to look through books, think about one pattern, then the next, and yet not deciding which one I want. Then when I finally get to the deciding part, I'm not ready to cut out the fabric. After thinking about it more, I can't seem to decide if that pattern is the one I REALLY want to do or not. Oh, and let's not forget about the deciding on fabric part. I don't know which is easier, the part of knowing what fabrics I'm going to use, or the part about what pattern to use. Not good. Now, I have the fabric, just want a pattern - EVEN THOUGH I could just do stars. Stars are easy enough, so what's the problem?! I'm the problem. I need that "oh WOW" factor to get started. OR I just need to think about it for a few days, and then before one knows it, I'm sitting in front of the machine, sewing blocks together. Go figure. Can't figure out why I have to make it so complicated. Like my cousin said, "that's because you are from the smart side of the family!" Nope, that's not it.

Happy Quilting!

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