Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Gifts For Retreat

Today I slept in. Then I got ready for my friend to come over. Rose had some cutter she wanted me to see. She was excited about what all it does.

When she arrived, she showed me the "double diamond" ruler. We watched a video about how to use it. She wanted to make bookmarks, so we went through a few videos on how to make the bookmark. Funny part was there wasn't any videos that showed how to do the bookmark. We did find one that we liked, and that actually showed how to make it. So, we went to work.

We made 15 of them, and I need 15 more for the Retreat. I like to be able to give gifts out for the Retreat. I'm going to work on 30 Kleenex tissue holders.

I like the way they came out. I was thinking this really wouldn't work for a quilt border. Since the diamonds are cut there are no seams to sew. If one made this for a border and washed it, it would fray.

After Rose left, I actually cleaned up the mess and put the squares for Katts quilt and the other bookmarks out. Now I have to put those away. Moms coming over tomorrow to baste the quilt for my nephews baby quilt. We will do it on the counter. It won't take long, since the quilt top isn't very big.

I had this much done last night, and today after Rose left (and before bowling), I got even more done. I'm at the other corner area, and need to do one more bias tape to finish this off. Hopefully tomorrow I can get this done! All depends on how much we get done tomorrow with moms quilt top.

We needed to win 3 games tonight to win the quarter. Well...that didn't happen! We can't seem to get a team that works at pulling it out.

I started reading another book last night. It's pretty good. Guess I'm back to reading books again. There are a lot of books on my kindle, and I just need to sit down and read them. Have any of you read a good book lately? I love mysteries, so if you know of a good book, let me know.

Looking forward to getting the runner done, and figuring out what I'm going to take to the Retreat in May - other than the bookmarks and tissue holders. We all need to be Happy Quilting!

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