Saturday, March 7, 2015


Today is my daughter, Katt's 26th Birthday! She's an awesome lady! I love her dearly and wish I could have given her a Birthday cake.

She was a big help when I made quilts!

Now she's a beautiful woman that lives way too far away for me. Wish I could have been able to do her Birthday!

Today was another pretty day! Spring is sprung! I had to get this photo of the blueberry tree starting to bloom.

Roses are coming up and looking great.

A few flowers are showing up.

And Kale is growing! Patrick loves his kale chips, so he's excited about having kale growing in the yard now. Cheaper too.

I finished the table runner! I went through and crossed all the crosses to make sure there wasn't any opening. It turned out awesome. Like anything else, there are things I could have done better, but not complaining as I learned a lot! It's now ready to quilt. I ironed it, which is why it looks so good in the photo. I pinned it up on my design wall, to remind me to quilt it. I may do that after the afghan.

Speaking of the afghan. After I finished the table runner, I pulled out the afghan, found a mistake and took out 6 rows of work.

The ball is what I had to do with two rows, since it was already cut, and I wouldn't be able to fix it with it already tied off. So, I rolled it up and will use it as scrap.

This is where it was after taking the rows out. As I was putting in the rows AGAIN, I found two more mistakes in counting. They were too far down the line - around the 8th row (each color is 2 rows) area. Now if grandma was around, she would be taking it out and telling me to do it over. I would actually do that, if it was VERY obvious. Unless someone wants to count each and every stitch, one would have a very hard time finding it. I had to decrease a stitch in one area and increase a stitch in another. Never fails! I thought I was doing great, but OH, NO, that wasn't the case. Since its going to my nephew, I doubt he will ever see it. I can't find it unless I count the stitches. So, if I'm not going to count them, no one else is going to. The worst part about it, I'm the only one that knows what's wrong with it! Killing me inside, but it really needs to get done. Mom's got the baby quilt almost finished and if I want this to go out with it, I need to get it done.

I was thinking of doing the basket block today, but realized I needed to get moving on the afghan. I know it's not quilting, but it's a gift for a special little girl.

My day is coming to be back to being Happy Quilting!

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